Enoshima Island in Japan Information

Enoshima Island is an island with an area of ​​just 0.38 square kilometers. The Shonan Coast is under the supervision of Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Each of the names may not be familiar but actually this place is very near to Tokyo when it is summer Japanese people from Tokyo and nearby provinces often come here to swim on the mainland beach. Naoshima Island is full of interesting things charming with worth for keep good memories.

This island is classified in the 100 most beautiful landscapes in Japan and has been a very famous for tourist destination since ancient times. On the island there are places that you can take pictures and have some fresh seafood snacks. Many people would not have expected that they have many restaurant and many to eat but the fact that many people come to Enoshima Island for have meals since late when you begin to have fresh seafood during you visit. They have restaurant into different styles such as outdoor chill-out shops near the sea, wooden houses, traditional Japanese design, and cafeteria-style restaurants. There are quite a lot of cats on Enoshima Island but it is not a topic that people talk about because the number of stray cats is probably more than the residents of the island. The stray cats here are not afraid of people and may be somewhat aggressive partly in the island.

The impressive charm of visiting Enoshima island is that you can see the sea, mountains, trees and flowers in the same time but depend on season that you visit. From the crossing of Enoshima Benten Bridge to Enoshima Island will see the sandy beaches of Japan in black and gray. On a clear day you can see Mount Fuji, too. When walking up the mountain will admire the trees and seasonal flowers. If you go in the spring, you will see blue hydrangeas which Japanese call Ajisai in the full bloom and if you go in the fall that you can see color Tsubaki flowers all the way.

The highest point in the middle of Enoshima Island is home to the Samuel Cocking Garden which has beautiful view on the top and can wath 360 degree views around Enoshima Island. The garden is quite spacious with a pavilion to sit and relax even if going on holiday, people are not crowded.So Enoshima Islandis one of the famous island in Japan which have lovely cat and small island appeared on the Shanan coast. It is also home to the hills of Anomi Island. The point is to write a lover’s name or write a blessing request, then lock the key. It is believed to make love satisfied. Introduce the small fish, Shirazhi and Tako Senbee.

You can make one day trip for visit this island as well. You can to Enoshima island from Tokyo and stop at Kamakura. I recommend traveling from direct train to Enoshima from Tokyo and get off at Kamakura.

How to get there:

From Tokyo to Enoshima

  • To Tokyo Station or Shinagawa, take the JR Rapid train to Odawara and alight at Fujisawa Station for approximately 35-45 minutes, then change to Odakyu Enoshima Line – Katase Enoshima Line, get off at Katase Enoshima Station takes about 7 minutes.
  • If getting up from Tokyo Station will cost a total of 1,126 yen. Walk from the station to Enoshima Island takes about 5 minutes. There will be underground tunnels to walk through the intersection. Don’t have to cross the road.

From Kamakura to Enoshima

  • Enter to Kamakura Station – go to Platform 1, then take the train and get off at Enoshima Station, which takes about 24 minutes. Once arriving, walk from the station to Enoshima Island are about 12 minutes.
  • On the way, there are shopping spots but don’t spend a long time around that area because it will lose the opportunity to be on Enoshima Island.

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