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Favilavir Medicine Details

According to the China Daily Pharmaceutical Technology website, according to China Daily, the national medical product management division Has officially announced that Favilavir is the first drug that can be used to treat COVID-19 (COVID-19) as a drug against the corona virus.

Fapilavir is a drug developed by Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical. Which were clinical trials in 70 patients in Shenzhen And found that the drug works efficiently As well as having few side effects

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China revealed that in the initial clinical trials, Fapilavir was 1 of 3 drugs that inhibited the corona virus. The new species has 2 remaining drugs, Chloroquine and Remdesivir.

Chloroquine is a cure for malaria. Which has been used by more than 100 patients at 10 hospitals in Beijing and Guangdong And is in the process of further study planning in Hunan

Remdesivir, produced by the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, is a drug that has been studied at 10 medical institutions in Wuhan. Which is the city at the center of the outbreak of Covid-19

Previously, the National Institutes of Health of the United States Has revealed that Remdesivir can be used to treat MERS. Which is a disease caused by the corona virus as well And during the last week Wuhan Institute of Virology has filed a request for a new patent with this drug.

The process of producing Fapilavir began on February 16, the report said. Currently, the generic drug of this drug type Had just been approved Where generic drugs are drugs that have the same important drug as the original drug and manufactured under other trademarks which has been licensed for use as well.

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