The WHO or the World Health Organization has sent a research team to China to investigate the situation of Covid-19

The WHO or the World Health Organization has sent a research team to China to investigate the situation of Covid-19 outbreak in major cities in China. And find many interesting facts that the page thinks may be different to many of you understand

Therefore would like to come to Summarize an important issues for everyone to know So don’t be too alarmed about this virus because this is directly from WHO.

1. The main cause of the spread (78-85%) comes from the contact between family members and direct contact with the infected. Contacting through the air mist at a distance is not the main reason.

2. Most infected people will show symptoms and become ill after 5-6 days of infection. In the case of showing symptoms afterwards, it is a case that J. wants a lot. As for those who are infected but do not show symptoms, as we often hear in the news, there is almost no And not a major driver (Not Major Driver of Transmission) is considered very small

3. The most common symptom of an infection is 88% fever. Therefore, fever and temperature tests are very important. Other symptoms are dry cough 68%, panting 38%, coughing up with phlegm 33%, shortness of breath 18% sore throat 14% headache 14% aching 14% chills 11%

4. Runny nose isn’t a symptom of Covid-19, so don’t be alarmed.

5. Out of 44,672 people infected in China, the mortality rate is 3.4%, with factors such as age, gender, complications or underlying diseases. And the treatment system Affecting death

6. The risk of infection and death increases with age. By now, children under 10 years of age infected (counted as 1% of all infected) have not died.

7. The mortality rate of men is higher than women. People with chronic illness or complications are more likely to die, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, lung disease and cancer.

8. The duration of treatment is 3-6 weeks depending on the severity of the infection. That’s why the hospitals in Wuhan have to bring more than 40,000 employees from other provinces to look after the patients in Wuhan. Including the addition of hospital beds and temporary treatment facilities in the gymnasium and exhibition center

9. China can produce Corona virus detection tools that can see results within 1 day, China can accelerate production up to 1.6 million sets per week. If anyone has a fever, come to the hospital, regardless of which province, must be strictly checked for Corona virus.

10. another reason why China can control the disease quickly And it is remarkable that because China has sent more than 1,800 teams, at least 5 people each to go to explore and talk to all the infected people where to go and meet with whom. And quickly catch all those at risk to test the infection Causing the infection to be limited quickly

Finally, a summary from the WHO’s research team says While in many parts of the world there may not be a way to cope with the fast-paced COVID-19 outbreak without information. But with the strictness of the Chinese government Discipline in extreme problem elimination (Many Western countries may look at the custody. Not to leave the house at all unnecessarily), but these measures allow China to cope with the epidemic very well If it is an epidemic that occurs elsewhere, the violence can be many times greater if you do not dare to take decisive measures such as China.