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My wife is unstoppable, Mr. Ji, please accept the move (Second Story)

My wife is unstoppable, Mr. Ji, please accept the move (Second Story)
Other names: 娇妻难挡,季先生请接招, “The sweet wife is hard to stop, Mr. Ji, please take it” rolls a little wife to tease the uncle
Author: Ai Yiyao
Genre: Novel, Urban Fiction
Release: 2019
Status: 533
Related Show: Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife (Story about Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan)


Song Xianyu, an orphan adopted by the Song family, has no power and power to look up to others; Ji Linyuan, a noble and honorable person in the capital business community with only one hand.
Everyone said that Ji Linyuan was scheming and ruthless.

Eleven years ago, he won the power of the group in one fell swoop and drastically eliminated dissidents, even his brothers. It was such a cold-tempered man who took good care of Song Xianyu.
Song Xianyu thought it was love. When she opened her mouth to tell her heartfelt heart, what she got was the advice of a man’s elders: “You are still young, so you should focus on your studies.”

Later, during an interview show on the Finance Channel, Mr. Ji was the first. This time, he talked about his marriage in public.

The host asked him: “Does Mr. Ji have any thoughts that he would like to say to Mrs. Ji?”
Mr. Ji faced the camera and smiled elegantly: “Fortunately, when I fall in love with you, there is still time.”


Chapter 1 Why don’t you go home so late (modified)

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