12 Place to Visit in Sapa, Vietnam

Sa Pa is located at Lao Cai province in the northeast of Vietnam. In the province of Lao Cai are the mountain range of Lian Song To the city of Sapa. The city of Sapa was originally built as a French holiday resort. In the colonial period in 1922 and the mountain station. Because Sapa is surrounded by mountains, it makes the weather cool all year round. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Where to go:

1. Ta Van Village in Sapa

Ta Van Village is a place where many Vietnam ethnic minority groups gathering and living in harmony with each other. Ta Van Village located about 10 km south of Sapa town. It is a tribal village of many tribes. The population of the Giay tribe, which is a relatively large tribe in Vietnam. In a variety of indigenous peoples, the difference in costumes is evident. Each tribe is different, and there is a specific language. Visit this village to see the way of life of the hilltribes. And the scenery of the steps. The Phanom Phanang is the backdrop and very beautiful views.

2. Ham Rong Mountain

At Ham Rong Mountain will see the misty mornings on Hmong Hill Visit the flower garden and the beautiful rock garden. Take in panoramic views of Sapa. The town of Sapa is surrounded by mountains. The mountains stretch from Yunnan in southern China.

3. Love Market Sapa

Love Market Sapa open from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm everydays with no holiday. Love market have local products from Vietnamese produce for sell and when you visit this place will see nice views at the hill tribe. People around the market have gathered here with tribal costumes.

4. Muong Hoa Valley

5. Fansipan Mountain

6. Love Waterfall

7. Ta Phin Village

8. Cat Cat village

Cat Cat Village is a hill tribe village of the Black Hmong.

9. Quang Truong Square

10. Tram Ton Pass

11. Sapa Ancient Rock Field

12. O Quy Ho Mountain Pass

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