Pra Kata Maha Jakkrapat Chanting

Pra Kata Maha Jakkrapat (English version

Luang Poo Doo composed Pra Kata Maha Jakkrapat from Chombhubadi
Sutta, the story told about the Lord Buddha transformed himself to be the
Great Emperor, to suppress Maha Chombhubadiûs convictions.
Pra Kata Maha Jakkrapat is the superb mantra that Luang Poo Doo
dedicate all goodness and energy to the three world.

Also chanting during
contemplate to all Buddha images, ringûs amulet, amulets. Luang Poo Doo
alwayss gave his amulets to followers, just for practicing meditationûs tool, to
support to those one who practice meditation.