6 Foods to Eat in South Korea

Did you know that South Korea have a lot of delicious foods? They are more than 10 menu that you must taste it but six menu that I prefer are most famous in Korea.

1. Takhalbi

Takhalbi or Korean fried chicken with spicy sauce Is one of the most popular Korean menus Which has now become a famous menu that anyone If visiting Korea, must try to taste the original taste once For ingredients and methods of cooking Bring enough pieces of chicken, mixed with various ingredients. And fermented until at And when it is eaten, stir fry on the pan Then add hot flour or steamed rice.

2. Shabu Shabu Korean

The Shabu Shabu menu is a Korean dish that has been around since the Mongolian invasion of the Korean peninsula, which is similar to that of the Japanese hot pot. Ingredients include various vegetables, oden mushrooms and bacon or pork belly, arranged beautifully in the pot. Then add the soup and boil it to boil. Finished, then bring the udon line to boil Eaten with Korean style dipping sauce And various side dishes.

3. Korean barbecue grill buffet

Korean barbecue grill buffet, pork, chicken, beef, squid, Korean food, unlimited.

4. Samgyetang or 삼계탕

Sogtang or Ginseng stewed chicken Is the original royal food that has existed since the Joseon Dynasty period Which the royal palace is popular to nourish And health promotion By using whole chicken stuffed with red jujube glutinous rice, ginseng root and then stewed until tender chicken meat Eaten with Korean rice noodles that look like noodles And various kinds of kimchi.

Samsueng, boiled chicken, ginseng, famous since the Joseon Dynasty period, originated from the palace. Is a popular Korean food menu for nourishing and enhancing health. Inside the chicken is stuffed with various herbs such as glutinous rice, ginseng root, red pepper, chestnut, Chinese jujube etc. Eat along with side dishes such as starch-like noodles, ginseng, black pepper, kimchi salt etc.

5. Bulkoki

Pulkoki, another popular dish of Korean cuisine, is made from pork that has been fermented until it is fried with vegetables. And Korean vermicelli Enough to have a little water Seasoning for a slightly sweet taste Eaten together with steamed rice and various kinds of kimchi.

6. Bibimbab

Ingredient with Beef/Pork , Vegetable spinach, Bean sprouts, Seaweed sheets, Shiitake mushroom, Egg, Konjac, Carrot, Vegetable fern, Ginkgo, Zucchini, Chinese jujube, Radish.

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