Human Evolution

Prehistory at Nairobi National Museum

Humans originated millions of years ago. Initially, the nature and lifestyle were very different from today’s humans. Both in looking for food Use of technology And physical characteristics that all change according to the surrounding environment and changing time Until the human evolution evolved gradually with little by little change Until becoming a human being.

Early human evolution


  • It was found in Africa about 4-5 million years ago.
  • Standing straight, walking on two legs.
  • The brain is one third the size of the human brain today.

Homo Habilis

  • It was found in Africa about 2.4 million years ago.
  • Use the stone as a tool to cut.
  • The brain is half the size of the human brain today.

Homo Erectus

  • It appeared in Africa about 2-1.5 million years ago.
  • Using the rock as a tool
  • Learn to use fire
  • Has been evacuated from the area.

Homo Sapiens

  • Appeared in Africa about 2 hundred thousand years ago.
  • It has migrated all over the world.
  • It is the same type of human being today.
  • Using a variety of tools, learning to set fire, start using languages.

Homo Erectus that came to Asia are found in two types. It was first discovered in 1891 on the island of Solo in eastern Java, known as the Java man. Teeth, skull and leg bones were excavated. Later in 1923 the Peking man was found in a cave near the village of Jokodian. Close to beijing.

Human adaptation

Old stone: Chipped stones have been used. Wood and bone tools Netting from plant fibers and animal tendons. Sharpen the stone Specific tools are used such as chiseling, drilling, sawing.

The new stone is a farming era.

  • Plants: new plant species New food sources People began to learn farming and gardening. With raising animals Has a wider supply of food
  • Animals: Pets By choosing and reproducing more carefully Found a dog since ten thousand years ago as a pet More estimates for the storage of meat, milk, leather and fleece
  • Agricultural growth: plant use, animal husbandry Has been distributed to other areas For example, in Asia you can find rice, Africa, cattle, Macico corn, South America.

That’s the source of where humans come from. So how did human beings change from the original? Looking back on the prehistoric period until today Will see that human beings have evolved a lot And the most important turning point was in the Neolithic era, where agriculture began. And cause continuous development in various fields