Forward Forever 热血同行 Episode 55 Recap

However, Yan Xin helped Wagner suture the wound and found that the wound was infected. Wagner resisted the pain and looked at the wound to help himself. He couldn’t help thinking of the deadly Si San. They had mixed feelings in their hearts. But now they are separated by yin and yang, the two are more and more sad, and when they look up, they are already in tears.

Ayi led the team and blew up the arsenal of the Northern Army. It also left the rebels with respite. Ayi wanted to go to Chong Liming after the battle. Zhou Jue persuaded him to think twice because only he had received professional training. After being able to decipher the enemy’s intelligence, Zhou Jue begged him to stay. Chong Liming, Ke Yanxin and others discussed the next action plan. They all wanted to avenge Si San immediately. Finally, Chong Liming decided to act separately and first remove Yang Zhen. He sent a pestilent dog to keep an eye on the county. He and Ke Yan Xin went to observe near Yang Zhen’s home, and found out Yang Zhen’s regularity of action, while Wagner stayed and healed himself.

Qi Fang Rulin executed the soldiers who guarded the warehouse and sent a special person to take charge of the underground works. He also taught Yang Zhen that those suspected of looting had leaked the location of the arsenal. Yang Zhen sent people to search from house to house, the housekeeper Wu hid Wagner, the Beiyang Army searched for the ruined temple, and checked the homeless people one by one. Even the dead bodies were ignored. The housekeeper Wu denied seeing Chong Liming and others, Beiyang. Army soldiers searched for bloody gauze from the backyard, but the housekeeper Wu made excuses to deal with the past. After the Beiyang Army left, Wagner crawled out of the dead pile.

Chong Liming and Ke Yanxin squatted upstairs opposite Yang Zhen’s house, and suddenly saw Xianer and Aunt Xiaohong coming out of it. Chong Liming secretly followed Xianer to the clothing store and blocked Xianer in the fitting room. Under Chong Liming’s hard questioning, Xianer had to admit that he had married Yang Zhen. Chong Liming was very disappointed, clarifying that the purpose of his trip was to kill Yang Zhen, and then told Yang Zhen’s evil deeds one by one. Xianer was surprised and felt reasonable. Chong Liming accidentally saw When it came to Xian’er’s body all purple and black, he knew that Yang Zhen had been beaten. He was very distressed.

Chong Liming returned to the ruined temple and learned that Wagner was almost discovered by the Northern Army. Thanks to Wu’s housekeeper, he was a little scared. Then Chong Liming told the fairy to marry Yang Zhen. Wagner complained that he should not Tell Xianer the truth about killing Yang. You can also use Xianer to lead him at critical moments, but Ke Chong Liming said that he does not want to use Xianer. Xianer returned home with a lot of thoughts, Yang Zhen stepped forward to please her, and promised to lead her to a peaceful life after the battle.

Xianer waited for Yang Zhen to wash his feet, and took the opportunity to ask him why he left Yanshifan and went to the Northern Army. Yang Zhen immediately became aware that she went to see Chong Liming, and immediately became angry and angry. She kicked and kicked Xianer. His son Faner looked When this scene was so frightened that Yang Zhen stopped crying, Xiaohong persuaded Xianer to leave Yang Zhen with Faner. Xianer coaxed Faner to sleep, and after returning to the room, Yang Zhen repeatedly apologized to her and pleaded for her forgiveness. Xianer was commonplace. She wanted to take Faner back to Luzhou, and Yang Zhen promised.

Luanwengou and Ke Yanxin summarized the results of the reconnaissance. They found that Xianyu and Yangfu were tightly defended, and Yang Zhen was protected by heavy soldiers when he went out. Chong Liming came up with a solution. Blast dog and Ke Yanxin made explosives overnight, and secretly loaded them on Yang Zhen’s car. The next morning, Chong Liming and Ke Yanxin squatted upstairs opposite Yang Zhen’s house. They saw Yang Zhen send the mother and son away by car. Chong Liming was afraid that Xianer’s mother and son would be bombed.

He immediately fired a warning and killed the Northern Army at the door. Yang Zhen had to escort Xianer’s mother and son home. The deputy drove to chase Liming and the car was detonated. He didn’t want Xianer’s gun to be fired, and beat him again. Ayi could not decode the Beiyang Army’s telegraph code after exhausting his brain. He decided to open the gap from Yang Zhen, because Yang Zhen had the codebook in his hand, but Zhou Jue didn’t want him to take risks.

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