Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2 九州天空城 Episode 4 Recap

After Yun Muyang was separated from Du Xianyin, Du Xianyin caught the guard’s attention with a fire. She knew that Yun Muyang was now wanted in the city, so she was going to rescue Yun Muyang with a fire. Yun Muyang did not want Du Weiyin to fall into the fire pit by himself. He stepped forward and ran Du Xianyin together. The two also treated each other after a disaster. Yun Muyang told his name. Du Xiaoyin’s mouth opened a smile, and met Jun, such as Mu Nuanyang.

The wind Ru Che was injured by the snow scene. The snow scene cleaned up the room for the wind Ru Che. She stayed by the wind all night and saw the wind Ru Che kicking the quilt. It had to be tied to the wind Ru Che. She kicked the quilt again. The next day, Feng Ruche woke up. When she saw the snow scene next to the bed, a smile drew from her mouth. After telling the palace maid not to wake up the snow scene, Feng Ru che asked her whereabouts of the Qiankun bag. It was learned that Mrs. Xuan Ye was going to throw away her Qiankun bag by using a racquet, and Feng Ruche was going to pretend to be a palace girl and steal back her Qiankun bag.

On the way, Feng Ruche accidentally heard a conversation between Yu Guoyu and a subordinate. It turned out that Yu Guoyu was thinking badly. He had already prepared a lip glaze to deal with Feng Ruche, and was ready to make Feng Ruche his puppet. Feng Ruche was shocked by Yu Guoxun’s poisonous thoughts. She accidentally made a noise, which attracted Yu Guoxuan’s attention. She was afraid that Yu Guoxuan would run away to her opponent.

When the wind Ru Che escaped, Bai Dangdang accidentally bumped into the wind Ru Che, watching the back of the wind Ru Che flees, Bai Dangbei was puzzled, he picked up the earrings of the wind Ru Che dropped on the ground, hurrying Body. Yu Guomin chased after the wind Ru Che, he asked the whereabouts of the assassin, Bai Dangdang concealed what he had seen the wind Ru Che, and wanted to save the wind Ru Che. Unexpectedly, the rainy country was very thoughtful. The nearest place to Fengruche’s palace was here. He ignored people’s persuasion and led people into the windruchi palace.

After Feng Ruche returned to the palace, she hurriedly changed back her emperor’s costume. She pleaded with Xue Jingkong to save her once. Xue Jing was anxious, and Feng Ruche imitated a kiss gesture. Watching Feng Ruche indulge in a male-like look, Yu Guoyu then put down his vigilance and left the palace. Although Yu Guomin did not suspect the wind Ru Che, Yu Guomin still ordered to surround the Qiyang Palace. Feng Ru Che was afraid that her life would not be guaranteed. She was unwilling to get involved in the storm in the palace, so the routine was dragged by snow. Stay assassin, pack your bags and run.

Feng Ruche has not left Qiyang Palace. Bai Dangdang hurriedly caught the wind Ru Che, he returned the earrings to Feng Ru Che, and proposed that the situation today, Yu Guomin has sent someone to surround Qi Yang Palace. If the wind Ru Che Leaving, proves Yu Mingyi’s conjecture. The golden wing came out, the queen appeared, and Bai Dangdang let Feng Ruche stay in Qiyang Palace. Now Yu Guozhen will not do anything to Feng Ruche, but if Feng Ruche leaves at this time, his life will be in danger. Feng Ruche was persuaded by Bai Dangdang. She knew that she could not escape the palace, and agreed to Bai Dangdang’s words.

The wind Ru Che did not change anything, and the rainy country only cancelled all the precautions and ordered the people to withdraw their guards. Xue Jingkong took Yu Pei to ask Feng Ru Che, and he wanted to know where this piece of jade came from. Feng Ru Che mistakenly thought that this piece of Yu Pei was the thing of Xue Jingkong’s lover, and he was quite jealous.

Yun Muyang bandaged Du Xianyin’s wounds. He settled Du Xianyin and was ready to leave. Du Xianyin learned that Yun Muyang entered the Promise Field as a key on Wei Zhao’s body. She wanted to approach Weft with a female color. Zhao, to help Yun Muyang. Yun Muyang was unwilling to let Du Xianyin fall into the magic net. He refused Yun Xianyin’s help and was ready to do it himself. Xue Jingkong was practicing spells at Qiyang Palace, and Feng Ruche accidentally broke into Xue Jingkong’s side and accidentally entered the fantasy scene of Feng Ruche. Looking at Feng Ruche’s carefree smile, Xue Jing couldn’t help thinking of some fragments in her mind, thinking that those fragments might be her lost memories.

After the dream woke up, Feng Ruche saw that Xue Jingkong in reality had exactly the same wounds as dream. She remembered the fact that she was rescued by Xue Jingkong before, thinking that those were not dreams, and she wondered whether Feng Ruche was Secret Master, but Xue Jingkong was attacked by the backlash of spiritual power, and he passed out directly in front of Feng Ruche.

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