The Heroine Doctor and Soldier King

The Heroine Doctor and Soldier King (Novel)
Other Name: 女总裁的神医兵王

Genre: novel, city
Author: Qingshui Heqing
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist is Li Bufan. The story of the novel mainly tells that he is the soul of the Chinese mysterious organization, and he is the European underground world. According to the legend, he is the god of murder in the eyes of the enemy, and he is the perfect male god in the eyes of women! He is an almighty evildoer who smiles proudly at Hua Cong. A legendary man who awakens the power of the world and lies on the knees of a drunk beauty! His name is… Li Bufan!

Free Reading:
This studio is very large, with seven or eight venues. Each venue has a woman with a very hot body, wearing Hanxiang brand clothing, posing generous, or noble, or charming.

And besides every woman, there are four or five people waiting on her.

“I would like to introduce you to everyone. This is a new colleague named Li Bufan, who is a new clothing assistant.” Hua looked at a woman in her thirties who walked towards her, and pointed out: “Sister Liu, Take good care of him!”

Taking care of the two characters, the flower bite with affection very heavy, which is exactly the same as the tone of Sheng Shiyuan just now.

Sister Liu’s name is Liu Qingmei, and she is the team leader here. She manages the work of photographers and models.

Liu Qingmei glanced at Li Bufan suspiciously, not knowing how he offended President Hua, and even asked him to come to the Tiansheng Group’s recognized film crew where heaven and hell coexist.

Tiansheng Group’s main clothing brand, the company specially set up a shooting team, which is filled with the group’s queen models, responsible for taking photos of the clothing, going outside to show publicity and other matters.

There are not many models here, only six or seven looks, but each one is carefully selected, and the body, appearance, and temperament are all selected in a thousand.

The success of the Hanxiang brand and their outstanding display are of great credit.

These models can be said to be a national treasure in the company. Anyone who sees them must be respectful. Even high-level leaders will be polite, making individual people gradually develop an overbearing personality. .

But Li Bufan didn’t know this. Looking at the enchanting models, wearing the world’s top luxury clothing, posing in various styles, thinking about it makes people bloody!

Li Bufan blinked affectionately at Hua and smiled: “Old acquaintances know me and know that I have a way of serving women.”

Hua Hanqing naturally heard Li Bufan’s overtones, but it was rare and did not give him a face. Instead, she showed a playful smile: “Then you can serve them well. If you don’t serve them well, you are not a man! “

Let you know what’s wrong! I’ll see how you make a fool of yourself!

Hua turned around affectionately and left the shooting crew with pride.

Liu Qingmei and Li Bufan briefly confessed a few words and went back to the office.


Suddenly, there was a sound of broken glass.

“The coffee is so hot, do you want to burn me to death?”

Li Bufan turned his head to look, a female model looked like a tiger, staring at a shivering female assistant.

“Sister Jiao, it’s not hot, the temperature is just right.”

Liu Jiaojiao waved her hand before hitting, and said angrily: “You still dare to talk back to me?”

Clear palm prints immediately appeared on the female assistant’s face.

Rao was somewhat mentally prepared Li Bufan, and was shocked by this scene. It is too much!

However, the crew seems to have become accustomed to this scene. They haven’t watched it, and they are still busy.

“You are clumsy, you can’t even make a coffee, so don’t hurry to make a fresh cup!” Gao Lingfeng scolded the female assistant.

The female assistant walked away with red eyes.

Afterwards, Gao Lingfeng smiled and handed the flowers to Liu Jiaojiao: “Jiaojiao, you can’t get angry with a little assistant. A new French restaurant has opened in Henan District. The taste is very good. I will take you to try it in the evening.”

“My feet hurt these days, let’s talk about it later.” Liu Jiaojiao sat on the exclusive sofa, put her feet on the round table, and ignored Gao Lingfeng.

Gao Lingfeng didn’t care, and he was still asking about warmth. Suddenly he turned his gaze and said to Li Bufan: “Li Bufan, come here for me.”

Li Bufan suddenly knew that Gao Lingfeng hadn’t taken his warning to heart. Although he knew that the other party had bad intentions, he still walked over.

“what’s up?”

“Does this still have to be asked, Jiaojiao’s feet hurt, you rub it!” Gao Lingfeng pointedly said.

Li Bufan was immediately exasperated. The other party wanted to step on him and pretend to be a girl in front of women!

“My job is an assistant, not a slave, and rubbing my feet is not part of my job scope!”

Gao Lingfeng sneered: “You idiot is really self-righteous. To put it bluntly, the assistant is a slave here. You must do what you want to do!”

“Otherwise get out!”

In the filming crew, if no one dared to resist the model, they had to be cautious. Although no one said, all the assistants knew in their hearts that they were slaves here.

But now when Gao Lingfeng spoke directly, the assistants felt very uncomfortable, and their faces were also unsightly. Assistants are also human beings, and they have dignity. Now that the dignity is stepped on by the other party and wantonly insulted, not everyone can bear this feeling.

Although the work here is not easy to do, the salary is also very high. It is settled on a daily basis and can receive a four-digit salary every day. So many people who are in a hurry for money want to rush in.

If you can bear the stubbornness of female models, you can make money, and you can leave at any time if you can’t bear it.

Therefore, every assistant working here is in urgent need of money, otherwise who would be so angry here!

Li Bufan lit a cigarette and took a deep breath: “The assistant is a slave, and the model is the master?”

“It’s best to recognize your identity!” Gao Lingfeng was noncommittal.

Li Bufan showed an evil smile, suddenly raised his hand, and slapped Gao Lingfeng’s face with a heavy slap: “I am hitting you as a master today!”

Bang bang ……

While talking, Li Bufan’s hands were not idle, slap after slap on Gao Lingfeng’s face.

With just a blink of an eye, Gao Lingfeng’s originally handsome face swelled into a pig’s head, completely unrecognizable, bleeding from the corners of his nose and mouth, and even his teeth were vomited out.

This scene completely stunned the crew!

Is this assistant crazy? Why can he even dare to beat up the model, and he still specializes in slaps!

He doesn’t know if the model is the face of the group, if something goes wrong, the image of the group will be damaged!

“Do you dare to beat me, you…know who my brother is…” Gao Lingfeng was beaten and turned around, stuttering.

But before he could finish speaking, Li Bufan interrupted, “There is no one in this world who I dare not beat!”

“Pretend to be forceful in front of me, I will beat you into a stupid!” Li Bufan finished, kicking Gao Lingfeng out more than ten meters with a standard forward kick, until he hit the wall, and then he landed heavily.

“This is what era, dare to come out and pretend to be the second uncle of the Republic of China, what are you so special!” Li Bufan flicked his finger, his cigarette butt whizzed, and landed on Gao Lingfeng’s hair sprayed with hair spray.


When the hairspray met the sparks, it burst into flames instantly.

Gao Lingfeng immediately let out a panic cry and plunged his head into the bucket that was mopping the floor.

When he came out, Gao Lingfeng’s hair was the same as a dog’s chewing, and his face was swollen. Not only did he lose his handsomeness, but he looked like a pig. Dirty water and blood flowed down the cheeks to the body, looking very embarrassed.

“Li Bufan, wait for me, I must make you kneel in front of me, and beg me to forgive you!” Gao Lingfeng looked resentful and turned and left.

After a short period of calm, there was a buzzing sound, and the whole crew was boiling. Since the establishment of the shooting team, no assistant has dared to confront the model.

As everyone was discussing, a soft voice suddenly sounded from behind Li Bufan: “You have caused a big disaster. This man’s brother is very powerful. It is said that he is called Brother Tattoo on the road. You can’t offend him, go!”

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