The Strongest Medical Sage

The Strongest Medical Sage (Novel)
Other Name: 最强医圣

Genre: novel, city
Author: Zuo Er Si Nian
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist is Shen Feng. The story of the novel mainly tells of a strong return with the ability to reach the sky. Can heal diseases, fortune-telling, refining medicine, arranging formations, refining talisman… “There is nothing in this world that I can’t do!”

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Shen Feng didn’t care about Xu Wenxing’s change, he picked the purple leaf grass in front of him.

As a low-level spiritual grass.

Purple leaf grass is not valuable in the immortal world, but Shen Feng did not expect that spiritual grass will grow on the earth lacking in spiritual energy.

It is said that there may not be high-level spirit grasses on the earth, so will there be cultivators on the earth?

After a while.

Shen Feng shook his head secretly, even if there are really cultivators on Earth, I am afraid that the cultivation base will not be much stronger.

After the purple leaf grass is picked, the medicinal power must be stimulated as soon as possible.

I felt around for a while, and there should be no other purple leaf clover here.

Shen Feng turned around, looked at Xu Dong, and said, “We will leave here now and prepare a wooden barrel for me to take a bath.”

Xu Wenxing, who was kneeling on the ground, was no longer rebellious, like a good baby staring at Shen Feng: “Master…”

Shen Feng waved his hand and interrupted him: “Your father is just my named disciple, you don’t need to call my master.”

After speaking, he walked out of the woods.

Xu Dong kicked Xu Wenxing’s ass, and said angrily: “Now that you know that your master is great? Let’s go! Don’t make your master angry. I have a hard time begging for this named disciple. Give me peace during this time. Divide a bit.”

Xu Wenxing jumped up from the ground, chased Shen Feng, and left Xu Dong alone.

After walking out of the woods, Xu Wenxing approached Shen Feng diligently and opened the car door: “Master, you get in the car.”

Shen Feng glanced at Xu Wenxing. After all, he had spent a thousand years in the fairy world, and he didn’t have to care about a hairy boy.

And Xu Wenxing’s nature is not bad, at best he is just a naive child.

“Your talent is better than your father.” After saying a word, Shen Feng got into the car.

Xu Wenxing grinned and smirked, completely like a young middle-aged person. Seeing his father walking over, he smiled: “Old man, have you heard? Master said that my talent is better than you.”

Xu Dong’s face was depressed. He hadn’t enjoyed it since he was a child. This little brat opened the door for himself: “Get in the car, don’t delay your master’s affairs.”

Xu Wenxing surprisingly did not refute, and then obediently got into the car.

There are three ktv and three restaurants under Xu Dong’s name.

The nearest here is the head office of his ktv. Knowing that Shen Feng is in a hurry, he asks the driver to go directly to the head office.

On the way, Xu Dong called and sent a bathing barrel to the head office immediately.

Along the way, he basically didn’t have any time to spare. Although Sun Wei and Sun Feihu were taken down, there were still some unpredictable guys who had to kick them all at once.

Xu Dong contacted the brothers who had been transferred and asked them to return to Wuzhou City immediately tonight.

As the boss, it is impossible for Xu Dong to have some skills. I believe that he can easily handle the next thing.

The three KTVs under Xu Dong’s name are called Tianhao.

The head office is the highest grade among the three KTVs, and the car parked behind the door of Tianhao KTV’s head office.

Xu Wenxing hurried down, he wanted to open the door to Shen Feng.

Who knew that Xu Dong was a step ahead, he opened the car door: “Master, we are here.”

“On the third floor, there is my office. It has all the facilities and soundproofing facilities. If you are not satisfied, Master, then I will immediately change the place for you.”

Shen Feng said casually: “Just here! As long as no one bothers me.”

Xu Dong glanced at Xu Wenxing triumphantly.

Because Xu Wenxing didn’t drive Shen Feng to the car door, he looked upset and stared at his old man fiercely.

Xu Dong personally took Shen Feng into the room on the third floor all the way. As he said just now, the soundproofing facilities here are very good, and there is no noise outside.

On the way back here, Xu Dong also carefully asked Shen Feng, can he tell others about their relationship?

Shen Feng was very casual. He said that he didn’t need to deliberately explain to others. Their master-disciple relationship could be told to others, but his ability still needs to be kept secret for the time being.

Xu Dong was already very satisfied with Shen Feng’s answer, and said, “Master, do you think you need anything else?”

Shen Feng looked at the wooden barrel placed in the room and said, “I don’t need it for the time being, don’t bother me until tomorrow.”

Xu Dong quickly agreed: “Master, don’t worry, I will not let anyone approach your room until tomorrow.”

Xu Dong pulled Xu Wenxing out of the room, and before leaving, helped Shen Feng close the door.

The father and son entered a room next to each other and were really ready to wait here for the night.

After entering the room.

Xu Dong’s expression became more serious. He said, “Wen Xing, you must keep me confidential what I say to you.”

“You have also seen your master’s greatness. In that case, I don’t have to hide your master’s affairs from you.”


Xu Dong shot Shen Feng at all.

I also said everything about helping him to treat his hamstrings and hamstrings.

Hearing Xu Wenxing’s eyes widened, he looked at Xu Dong’s hands and feet: “Old man, your hamstrings and hamstrings were really broken before?”

Xu Dong solemnly said: “Do you think I am joking with you? Remember what your master will say in the future, we must follow your master closely, even if we die, we cannot betray your master, have you heard that? ?”

The hippy smile on Xu Wenxing’s face disappeared. If he hadn’t seen Shen Feng’s methods with his own eyes, he would definitely think his father had been wicked: “Old man, do you still have to tell me? Do you think I am a brainless person? Master? It’s your savior, and it’s such a fairy-like character. If Master is willing to teach me a little fur, then I will wake up from a dream.”

Seeing that his son’s attitude was corrected, Xu Dong nodded and said, “From today on, as long as Master lives here, I will be there every day.”


at this time.

In the next room.

Shen Feng filled the wooden barrel in the bath with hot water and took out the purple leaf clover again.

Generally, purple leaf clover has five leaves.

And the purple-leaf grass in his hand had six leaves for some reason?

However, the sixth leaf appeared to shrink a bit, and its medicinal power became impure.

The impure medicinal power is not good for Shen Feng, so he plucked the slightly shrunken leaf.

Anyway, the purple leaf clover only has five leaves. Picking this impure leaf has no effect at all.

Originally, he wanted to throw away the shrunken leaf, but after thinking about it, he still put it on the table beside it.

He still has two jade beads on his body now, and he muttered to himself: “To stimulate the medicinal power in the purple leaf grass, the aura in a jade bead is enough.”

Put another jade bead together with a shrunken leaf on the table.

Shen Feng threw the purple leaf grass into the wooden barrel, holding a jade bead in his hand, and after taking off his clothes, his body was soaked in the wooden barrel of hot water.

The imperial tactics in the body work.

After the previous repairs, the aura can barely run through the chaotic meridians.

He aroused the aura in the jade pearl.

After the aura was activated, the water in the barrel became clearer.


Under the influence of the spiritual energy, the medicinal power in the purple leaf grass was also evaporating.

I saw the water in the barrel gradually dyed a faint purple, and the purple was getting more and more intense.

Accompanied by the richness of purple, the purple leaf grass slowly melted away until it finally disappeared completely.

A jade bead in Shen Feng’s hand also turned into powder, and the Emperor Art in his body was always running, and his body was absorbing the power of the purple leaf grass.

The brows frowned unconsciously, because this immortal emperor’s body was extremely bad, and even the ability to absorb the medicine became very difficult.

Therefore, he absorbed very slowly.

As time passed, the sky outside gradually brightened.

The purple in the water is getting lighter and lighter.

At a certain moment, the purple disappeared completely, and Shen Feng stretched his waist, and uttered a “Papa! Papa!” sound from the joints of his body.

Feeling the power in the body, he muttered to himself: “The second floor of the day after tomorrow!”

“Relying on a purple leaf grass, I can directly enter the second floor of the day after tomorrow. This is a natural breakthrough. I repeat the old path and my cultivation speed is indeed much faster.”

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