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Take the warehouse to Daming

Fang Xing wore it with two warehouses! Others travel with a domineering spirit, but Fang Xing just wants to farm! “I just want to live a leisurely life in this era!” Sitting with my wife and concubine, I taught a few disciples by the way, trying to get them to climb up, so that I can be a backer! But who thinks that the disciple is a little unreliable, it is actually…

Fang Xing was very happy. As a wage earner, he was drawn to the United States for a five-day tour.

“Can it be exchanged for money?” Fang Xing sat in the small rental room, waiting expectantly for a response from the phone.

“Sorry, sir, no!”

Fang Xing continued to ask without giving up: “Then can I give this opportunity to others?” He has already thought about it. The little Liu in the same workshop has always dreamed of traveling abroad. A 50% discount, Ya will definitely agree.

“Sorry, no! This lottery is linked to ID cards, so only the parties have this right.”


Take the warehouse to Daming
Alternative name: 带着仓库到大明
Sir Dybala
action, novel
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