Since childhood, due to his father’s preference for sons, Zhenren (played by Shin Hye-sun) escaped from home when he was in high school and broke up with his family. Zhenren later became a top defense lawyer on her own. In an accident, she learned that her mother, Hanako (played by Pei Zongyu), who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, was suspected of killing her father and at the same time attacked many innocent people. Suspecting that something was wrong, Zhenren decided to go out in person. With layers of obstruction, how could she reverse the confession for her mother and uncover the ulterior truth behind this murder case?

Also known as: 清白, innocent
Genres: drama
Country: South Korea
Director: Park Sang Hyun
Release Date: 2020
Starring: Shen Huishan, Bae Jong-ok, Xujun Hao, Heng Tai Ho