Skate Into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 Episode 19 Recap

Tang Xue was knocked down during the game. The audience applauded the champion Zhang Yuewei. Tang Xue stood up and slid to the finish line. Both coach Chu and Zhang Yuewei cheered for her. Li Yubing looked at Tang Xue felt very distressed. Bian Cheng wanted to comfort Tang Xue, but saw Tang Xue and Li Yubing hiding together. Li Yubing didn’t say anything and gave Tang Xue a hug, Tang Xue couldn’t help but his eyes became red. Li Yubing took out the snowflake necklace she bought and wore it on Tang Xue’s neck to comfort her that she had done a good job. This was a medal given to her and said that as long as you did not admit defeat, you were the winner.

Tang Xue went to congratulate Zhang Yuewei for winning the gold medal. Zhang Yuewei talked about the original gambling contract between the two. If anyone lost, they would learn dog barking, but then again, but Tang Xue really called a few times. Coach Chu told Li Yubing that Tang Xue did not stand on the podium this time, but everyone saw her ability and stated that from next month, Tang Xue ’s training costs will be paid by the team. It turned out that Tang Xue ’s previous training costs were all It’s from Li Bing. Li Yubing left, but Coach Chu found that Tang Xue heard what they said just now. Coach Chu then told the truth to Tang Xue. Tang Xue heard what Coach Chu said and left.

When Yu Yan saw the news that Tang Xue fell, he was very worried. Just when he wanted to greet Tang Xue, Yu mother came over, and Yu Yan decided to train harder and stand in front of Tang Xue better. Tang Xue touched the necklace around her neck and remembered that Li Yubing’s heart was very complicated for herself. It turned out that she could join the short track speed skating team for Li Yubing’s reason.

Tang Xue thinks Li Yubing looks down on her, but wants to thank Li Yubing anyway. Tang Xue knew that the money he entered into the short track speed skating team was from Li Yubing, and decided to return the Li Yubing three thousand first, and the rest slowly. Li Yubing asked Tang Xue to give her the championship one day, but Tang Xue had no confidence in herself. Tang Xue asked Li Yubing to give her her ID card, thinking about buying a ticket back to Lake City, Li Yubing was very happy to hear it.

Tang Xue returned to the dormitory and wondered if he liked Li Yubing. Liao Zhenyu called to ask Tang Xue when he would return to Hucheng. Tang Xue lied that something in the team would not go back with him. Li Yubing posted a Weibo, didn’t come to Linda together but returned to Hucheng together. Tang Xue passed the final result and went to see Hawkeye with a transfer application.

Jiang Shijia’s parents went out for a tour. He didn’t know where to go, so he asked Zhang Yuewei if he would take him in. Seeing Zhang Yuewei’s agreement, Jiang Shijia refunded the booked ticket. Eagle Eye signed Tang Xue’s application for transfer, saying that she can also admire Tang Xue. She is very resilient and cheerful like a little sun. Tang Xue and his roommates were eating barbecue in the dormitory. Ye Liuying took the first place in this semester of science, and his wish for the next semester is to have a boyfriend.

Liao Zhenyu and Xia Menghuan are going home, and both of them are reluctant to see each other. At this moment, they suddenly see Li Yubing and Tang Xue get on a car together, and they are suddenly surprised to guess whether Tang Xue and Li Yubing are together. .

Tang Xue and Li Yubing got on the bus back to Lake City, but Tang Xue was accidentally bumped into Li Yubing’s arms. The two sat down awkwardly, thinking about whether to speak first. Tang Xue was worried about what her parents would do if she knew she was transferred. Li Yubing said that he would stay with her no matter what happened. On the way, Tang Xue fell asleep on Li Yubing’s shoulder, and Li Yubing saw Tang Xue going forward, and was busy holding Tang Xue’s head in his hands.

When arriving at the station, Li Yubing got out of the car with his luggage. The aunt next to him told Tang Xue Li Yubing to hold her head by hand all the time. He changed his mouth many times without even drooling. Tang Xue heard Can’t help but feel awkward. Tang Xue’s father came to pick up Tang Xue and was not happy to see Li Yubing next to Tang Xue. Before Li Yubing asked his family to pick him up, Tang Xue pulled him into his father’s car. Li Yubing returned home and said that he took the car from Tang Xue’s home today. Li Mu said whether Li Yubing had almost disfigured him, and said at the time that Tang Xue was going to pay him a wife-in-law.

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