Look Up There’s Starlight 抬头有星光 Episode 20 Recap

Many years ago, Qi Luo accidentally made Lu Zhiyao’s private tour guide. When the two took a plane tour together, the plane had an accident, and Qiluo held Lu Zhiyao off the plane to survive. Lu Zhiyao fell in love with Qiluo at that time.

On this day, Lu Zhiyao met Qiluo to visit Taihu Lake together, and also deliberately played as a guide to reproduce the scene. Qi Luo couldn’t help but recall the past. Lu Zhiyao did his homework as a tour guide and said that he would customize it for Qiluo. Qi Luo couldn’t help seeing this. Lu Zhiyao excitedly introduced, sweetly recalling the accidental fall in love with Qiluo. Qiluo looked dignified.

Lu Zhiyao didn’t notice Qiluo’s anomaly, and took Qiluo to the beach directly, and confessed again. Qiluo suggested that they go to the hot spring together.

The two arrived at the hot spring. Lu Zhiyao changed clothes and sent bathrobes to Qiluo. Qiluo raised her foot and instructed Lu Zhiyao to help her change shoes. Lu Zhiyao had never been so close to Qiluo, and drummed in his heart. After changing shoes, Lu Zhiyao wanted to go out, Qiluo stopped him, and asked him to change clothes for himself.

After, the two were drinking red wine and soaking in the hot spring together. Lu Zhiyao was indoors, Lu Zhiyao thanked Qi Luo for trusting herself and expressed that she wanted to keep this beautiful memory. Qi Luo apologized to Lu Zhiyao for the misunderstanding three years ago. Lu Zhiyao smiled. Qiluo took the initiative to kiss Lu Zhiyao, and the two loved each other for the first time.

After, Qiluo watched the landing of Zhiyao as he slept, and the incarnation Qin Shu quietly left. She was going to steal Lu Zhiyao ’s documents to save Aze.

Qin Shu returned home, the Lu family had already sent a gift. Qin’s mother was so angry. Qin Weiran also strongly opposed. Qin’s mother questioned Wu Shichu’s grasp of Qin Shu’s handle and asked in every possible way. Qin Shuad didn’t say anything. She sat down and took Qin’s mother’s hand to beg for it. Qin’s mother was puzzled. Qin Shu said it was for a life. Qin Weiran’s brow furrowed at the sight.

Qin Shu stole the document and sent it to Wu Shichu. Wu Shichu took the opportunity to threaten her to accompany herself to perform the engagement ceremony this afternoon. Qin Shu rebuked Wu Shichu for being greedy, and Wu Shichu threatened her again with Aze.

The engagement ceremony began. Qin Shu dressed in a long skirt holding Wu Shichu waiting to receive the blessings of everyone. When Lu Zhiyao woke up, he received a message from the Chubby Secretary and hurried over. As soon as he came in, he gave Wu Shichu a punch, and everyone saw an uproar. Wu Shichu glared at Lu Zhiyao fiercely and lied to take Qin Shu to make up. Lu Zhiyao refused to let go. Father Lu rebuked him.

Wu Shichu dragged Qin Shu back to the guest room, revealing his fierce look. Qin Shu quickly explained. Wu Shichu slapped Qin Shu hard, and Qin Shu fell on the sofa. Wu Shichu blamed Qin Shu for ruining Mingyu, but now he wants to destroy himself again. He threw his clothes out of his hands and threw himself up to pinch Qin Shu’s neck. He pointed out that he would solve Aze’s revenge. Qin Shu was struggling hard but struggling hard. She touched a vase with her hands and smashed it hard on Wu Shichu’s head. Wu Shichu’s blood flowed slowly.

Qin Weiran followed Wu Shichu’s men and found that they had kidnapped Aze and followed him all the way to an empty construction site. He quickly called Qin Shu. Qin Shu hung up the phone and went. Encountered Lu Zhiyao at the door, Qin Shu said things went by, Lu Zhiyao and Qin Shu went to find Aze together.

Wu Shichu’s confidante A Zhong is packing up Azer. Qin Weiran came alone. A Zhong relied on how many people intimidated Qin Weiran not to do much business, Qin Weiran took off his suit and put it on A Zhong’s head, kicked it fiercely. Qin Weiran solved it two or three times.

Qin Weiran took Azer to escape. A Zhong quickly called the thugs downstairs to intercept. Qin Weiran took Aze to hide behind the pillar. He wanted to call Qin Shu for help, but found that the phone was lost.

Qin Shu and Lu Zhiyao came, and they couldn’t find anyone, so they looked for it separately. Qin Shu called Qin Weiran. A Zhong answered the phone and threatened her to come alone. Qin Shu went upstairs, Qin Weiran stopped her, Qin Shu said the situation, Qin Weiran quickly ran away with the two.

Wu Shichu gradually woke up. A Zhong reported the situation that Qin Shu had found, and Wu Shichu’s eyes, Yin Qi, ordered A Zhong to do it all. Ah Zhong sent people to block the corridor, pile up flammable materials, pour gasoline, and ignite the fire.

Qin Weiran and the three escaped together and found that the corridor had been piled up tightly. Qin Weiran struggled to make a small sip and pulled Aze out. But the fire had spread, Qin Shu was too late to escape, Qin Weiran was anxious, Qin Shu told Qin Weiran to quickly take Azer to escape. Qin Shu looked for the exit to no avail and had to walk up the corridor.

Unfortunately, the fire has spread to the whole building, and the smoke is thick. Qin Shu was breathless and curled up on a stairwell. Lu Zhiyao hurried over and shouted Qin Shu, Qin Shu was overjoyed. Lu Zhiyao struggled to open the corridor and rescued Qin Shu from the corridor, but the two were trapped in the fire.

The floor is towering into the clouds and is dangerous. Lu Zhiyao found the rope and fastened it, encouraging Qin Shu to go down the rope first. Qin Shu just turned over the balcony and the rope broke. Lu Zhiyao dragged Qin Shu up and down, and Qin Shu’s mind emerged from the scene where the two survived together on the plane.

Lu Zhiyao grabbed the balcony to fight for time, Qin Shu could not persevere, shouted to let Lu Zhiyao let go, Lu Zhiyao refused to let go. After a while, Lu Zhiyao turned down the balcony and hugged Qin Shu, and the two fell from the tall building together, and their beautiful past came to mind.

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