As Long As You Love Me 愛情的開關 Episode 5 Recap

Moody Zhou Yanzhao, the torture of hatred and love. Because Zhou Xiaomeng’s missed appointment made the sky a liar in the welfare home, he would want to find Zhou Xiaomeng to prove himself. After the sky came out from the welfare home, he realized that the world was very big, and he became at a loss. You ca n’t take a bus without money, and the sky, where you ca n’t go, can only sit silly at a bus stop near an orphanage. It is for this reason that Zhou Xiaomeng can find him smoothly.

For a child who is full of expectations, the agreement is equivalent to everything. The consequences of missing a date are far more serious than the adult thought. Zhou Xiaomeng solemnly apologized to the sky for his missed appointment and agreed on the next visit day. This made the sky cast a shadow in my heart and looked forward to the next meeting.

Because of this, Zhou Xiaomeng violated the agreement with Zhou Yanzhao to go home at ten o’clock. Zhou Xiaomeng secretly returned to the room, but did not expect Zhou Yanzhao to have been waiting in her room. Zhou Yanzhao under the anger is like a tiger wolf who can swallow life at any time. Zhou Xiaomeng is timid, but she still hopes for the surprise that she has carefully prepared.

When Zhou Yanzhao opened the door, looking at the boxing room that Zhou Xiaomeng specially prepared for him, the expression immediately became soft, and the gentle man who was deeply buried in his heart returned again. But when Zhou Xiaomeng’s voice rang in his ears, Zhou Yanzhao disguised himself again with indifference. Zhou Xiaomeng regards the medals of Ruobao as well as everything that has been carefully prepared, which has become worthless under the disguise of Zhou Yanzhao.

Now Sheng Hai does not allow Zhou Yanzhao to pay too much attention to his personal feelings. Just a few days ago, several people have submitted resignation reports. The name on the last resignation report is Chang Qingyan. As Zhou Binli’s secretary, he has worked in Shenghai for many years, and he only knows many things. If Chang Qingyan leaves Shenghai at this time, it will undoubtedly make Zhou Yanzhao’s future more difficult. Previously, whenever someone resigned from the company, Zhou Binli would hand him a cup of tea, and now Zhou Yanzhao is no exception.

In the past, Zhou Yanzhao didn’t like mild-tasting tea, but preferred the wine with stimulating taste. But now, he finally understood that wine can never replace a cup of tea. Those who want to leave cannot stay, but those who are reluctant to leave will eventually return. As soon as Chang Qingyan left the office, he regretted his resignation. At this moment, Chang Qingyan is willing to stay in Shenghai to help Zhou Yanzhao, and he will surely be more than an obscure secretary in the future.

Jiang Qingcheng, who lost the position of president, was even more determined to let Jiang Ze enter Shenghai. In this life, Jiang Qingcheng failed to win Zhou Binli’s one-and-a-half move, and now he will never allow Jiang Ze to lose to Zhou Yanzhao again. Zhou Binli’s will, Jiang Qingcheng knew the truth, he only waited for Jiang Ze to enter Shenghai and then married Zhou Xiaomeng as his wife. Even though Jiang Ze could not resist the stopped card, he wanted to live according to his wishes. In Jiang Qingcheng’s eyes, it was just a childish thought.

When Zhou Xiaomeng stood at the door of Zhou’s house, he had to take great courage every step he took. Every time he entered the door cautiously and secretly, Zhou Yanzhao would be caught. Before the funeral, Zhou Xiaomeng swaggered in the red dress on the show, leaving Zhou Yanzhao’s few good moods swept away. Even if it was an undeniable job need, Zhou Xiaomeng still apologized in front of Zhou Binli’s tombstone for his behavior.

Zhou Yanzhao now seems to be a time bomb that can be ignited at any time, making Zhou Xiaomeng panic all day long. But she still loves Zhou Yanzhao deeply, hoping that one day, they can go back to the simple and happy days in the past. But now Zhou Yanzhao always puts herself in hatred and love, constantly tormenting herself.

On a new day, Zhou Xiaomeng sorted out his mood and bought a pair of new boxing gloves for Zhou Yanzhao. The phone rang suddenly, causing her to accidentally crash the bumper of the rear car. Perhaps because of fate, this car belongs to Jiang Ze. When he saw the note attached to the windshield, he seemed to be surprised by this fate. Jiang Ze has always had a good impression of Zhou Xiaomeng, and just took advantage of this opportunity to tease friends who have not met for a long time.

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