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Plan “B” – 寶寶大過天

Plan “B” – 寶寶大過天
Other name: BB Big Sun, BB大晒
Genre(s): Comedy, Family
Release: Jun 14, 2021 – Jul 16, 2021
Episode(s): 25
Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast: TVB
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Eliza Sam


Full-time mother Kang Yayou (played by Cen Lixiang ) and her husband You Zaishan (played by Ma Guoming ) have a two-year-old daughter Yuritong. She lives with Yayou’s parents, Kang Le (played by Li Guolin ) and Fang Chuqiao (played by Gong Cien ), and is under pressure. Zaishan plots to escape from Chu Qiao’s control, but his parents, You Dalang (played by Wu Dairong ) and Jin Meihuan ( played by Shang Tian’e ), keep making troubles and make Zaishan lose money every time. Yayoo and Jay-Shan are involved in the division of labor, and there are constant frictions.

Ya You resolutely went out to work, resisted childcare in Shanyou, and gradually learned to share the responsibilities of raising and keeping the family evenly, and even accepted that the female lead and the male lead, acted as a cousin, and Ya You gradually understood the relationship between parenthood and self. The balance between.

At the same time, the old and new hatreds among the “four elders” continued to fall. Brother Zai Shan You Zaifeng ( played by Wu Yekun) and his wife Zhang Bizi (played by Huang Wenyi ), and Yayou’s cousin Ye Fan (played by Chen Ziyao ) and her husband Guan Zhicong ( played by Zhang Yingkang ), all the contradictions and difficulties in the parenting life, all highlight the children It was originally an opportunity for parents to learn and grow up for life.

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