Reviews Game Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

The game that is notable for Apple Arcade as well, with the quality of the game that can be called to the Console level. It is inevitable that the famous game Oceanhorn on Apple Arcade comes with part 2, Knights of the Lost Realm. Also playing in the bundles The game format is an Action RPG game in the same style as the popular game Zelda from Nintendo. In this part, the adventure is even greater in terms of graphics. Music Style of play And the characters who traveled with our adventure

The story in this section occurs before the first part for a thousand years. The story about the adventure in the wonderland Gaia young knight. This time along with the companion travels like Trin and Gen. This battle is huge because Mesmeroth is back with his own dark forces hoping to rule the world. It is the duty of a young knight to save the world to return to balance again.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is one of the best water games that has more than 15 hours of play. And is considered one of the games that makes the Apple Arcade membership value of 99 baht per month is a little bit tricky. However, the Oceanhorn 2 is quite high in specs. So if anyone is thinking about playing on older iPhone / iPad, this is very difficult. Or anyone thinking about going to play on the big screen through the Apple TV is even more out of right because the size on the latest Apple TV 4K also dropped the frame rate to see each other all the time until it’s all out to have fun.

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