1 Days Itinerary in Lumpang, Thailand

Lumpang 1 Days Itinerary

Start at Chiang Mai province in the morning reach to Lampang province. After arrive at Lampang province then visit place around this area. Firstly visit Wat Phra That Lampang Luang which is a antiquated temple in the northern part of Thailand. The temple build in the fifteenth century and one of the reasons for the temple’s recognition that is the pretty virgin state of all the temple buildings around and different style from temple in Chiang Mai.

Wat lampang luang temple hasn’t been ‘improved’ to conform to modern Thai ideas about temples. The square is still pour into sand and the huge essential prayer hall is still open on all sides. Wat Phra That Lampang Luang is a exclusive town and uses as colorful horse carriage as a mean of today’s transport. Particularly take a Horse drawn carriage approx the city center. After Lampang is also known as the city of horse carts. It is the only city in Chiang Mai where horse carts are still part of daily city life. Generally Lampang tours include a horse cart ride.

Then visit Hariphunchai which as soon as was one of many kingdom in the Northern Thailand. You will essentially the most lovely royal temple in Lumphun province such as Prathat Hariphunchai Temple was constructed some 800 years ago during the reign of King Arthitayarat on a heir of Queen Chamthewi. A principal must place is the 46-metre-tall golden pagoda and its lagniappe appearance was the offspring of the repairing work in year 1443 by the king of Chiang Mai during that time.

Not only from above you also can visit Wat Pra Nang Jamadhavee or Ku Kut temple. This temple was the most important of the two are an overly unusual sq. ‘stepped pyramid’ formed pagoda. The name of the temple comes from the shape of the pagoda that is broken down on the top part but they still stand until the current day. After that return back to Chiang Mai driving along the Sarapee Street with the official name of Chiang mai-Lamphun Roadway (Route 106), you may notice the picturesque, luxurious trees that grace the roadside for approx 10 kms. One may believe the trees were planted by the local administration to beautify the roadside.

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