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Modern Family S11 Episode 17

Episode 17: Annoying Children

Four days ago, Phil and Claire moved into an RV and lived in their driveway. The reason why I don’t return home is because there is so much noise at home. Alex inexplicably quit his job at a tall university to join Alvin’s noble and ethical organization. Without the apartment provided by the company, he moved back to his parents’ house. Luke’s university application was like a stone sink, and he could not go to the university dormitory, so naturally he could only stay at home. Adding to the Shanghai Li’s family of four, the whole house is like a refugee camp.

Even so, those annoying children still go to the RV from time to time to beg for food and coffee. Phil and Claire couldn’t bear it, and held a family meeting to ask at least one person to be removed. As for the candidates to move out, Hayley, Alex and Luke can discuss by themselves during the process of cleaning up the house. Then Phil and Claire changed their clothes and went out to attend the welcome party at Mitchell’s house.

One month after moving into the new home, Mitchell and Cameron welcomed the new member of the family, Rex. Everything seemed so good at first, but when Mitchell led his friends to visit the karaoke room he was proud of, Cameron, who was preparing drinks in the kitchen, received a call from the University of Missouri. The previous applicant was overwhelmed and lost after drinking, so the contract was cancelled. The university hoped that Cameron would take over.

Cameron is in a dilemma, one is the dream job, and the other is the happy life that Mitchell is looking forward to. Cameron couldn’t bear to tell Mitchell, who was rippling in the ocean of happiness, about such annoying things. He could only talk to two close friends. The problem is, neither of the two friends spoke tightly, and the news quickly reached Mitchell’s ears. In front of the guests, Mitchell resolutely supported Cameron.

If father Jie supports Gloria to go out to work, and he is willing to be the head of the house, Claire will believe it. But if Mitchell is willing to abandon this desirable house and move away from his family to Missouri, Claire will not believe it alive or well. She knew her brother too well, Mitchell said that, just a gesture in front of everyone. Who knows, the arrival of an unexpected guest changed Mitchell’s mind. Thrall, who hadn’t seen each other for many years, actually worked as a nanny in the same block. The female evil star came into the house thinking of letting Lily take care of her dogs and children, and she would often come to visit her for dinner. This one reason alone was enough to let Mitchell put aside any fetters and move to Missouri.

Mitchell’s dissatisfaction with his family also touched Claire to some extent. After returning home, she and Phil did not get in the RV, but went straight into the house. Alex ran out of the room excitedly. Alvin’s research team was invited to work in Switzerland, and the other party provided free board and lodging. Claire didn’t know what to say, Hailey and Dylan walked over again. They just calculated the deposit, plus Mitchell’s good words to the original landlord, they can rent the old house. Luke also came back from the outside and announced the good news. He got the admission notice from the University of Oregon and wanted to move to the dormitory.

The three children were about to leave home in unison, Claire and Phil were silent, and a trace of loss rose in their hearts. The once annoying noise is about to disappear in this home, and Claire is already missing that feeling.

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