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Modern Family S11 Episode 18

Episode 18: separate moments

What should come is always coming. Mitchell and Cameron are moving to Missouri today to start a new life. The taxi arrived at the door, and the whole family hugged him reluctantly. Mitchell’s cell phone jingled twice, and it was a notice from the airport that the flight was delayed for two hours. The feelings that had just been brewed disappeared all at once. Everyone sat down at the table, had something to eat and chatted together. Only Jie stood in the hallway blankly, and Gloria was really worried about whether he was getting older, her ears a little back.

Two hours later, everyone hugged and said goodbye again, and the cell phone rang untimely. This time, a large swarm of locusts were found on the route, and it took a few hours to wait. I have said everything I want to say, and I have eaten everything I can eat. In the embarrassing and boring game, I waited for the network car for the third time. Cameron pulled at the wrinkled linen suit, wishing to end it soon. Things backfired. Hail weather occurred at the destination airport and the plane was delayed until 7 o’clock in the evening.

Anyway, it will take a long time, and everyone is busy with their own affairs. Hayley, Alex, and Luke were all packing their bags, and Claire suddenly remembered the twin figure skating trophy that her brother and sister had won when they were young, as if they had never seen it. Mitchell didn’t remember seeing it when packing his luggage, but Jie remembered it because they used to make a lot of trouble in someone’s bedroom for the trophy. The trophy was secretly donated to the skating rink by his mother. That’s one of the few memories that can contact the two brothers and sisters. The two slipped into the skating rink. Mitchell, the prosecutor, helped her sister steal the trophy from the display window.

Hayley and Alex were busy cleaning up in the room when they suddenly saw a compact disc. It was a video they took to convince their parents to raise a puppy when they were young. In the video, they disguised Luke, who was only six years old, as a puppy and used their actions to prove to their parents that they could take care of the puppy. Although it was not successful, it was really fun to tease Luke. So they put the CD in the door, and Luke opened the door and stepped in half. A perfect excuse was born. Luke, who had a lack of nerves in his head, didn’t expect the two sisters to be playing tricks, and willingly put on dog ears and took another shot. In the end, the three assured their parents that they would always take care of the puppy together. The original promise is now impossible to realize. The three brothers and sisters are close together in silence, reminiscing about the happiness that only comes from childhood.

Gloria is more worried about Jay’s physical condition than Manny is going to travel the world. He is often dumbfounded and deaf to the things around him, just like a dead old man. When she saw Jie talking to herself in the mirror, her heartache was even more painful. Stepped forward and said a few words, then Gloria realized that Jay didn’t speak English. It turned out that during this time, Jie taught himself Spanish while wearing wireless headphones. After Manny leaves, he will accompany his wife back to Colombia to visit relatives so that he can understand what the old woman’s family is saying. Gloria was surprised and happy, but before returning to her family, she had to teach Jie how to keep her life.

After 25 years of living, there are also times when family members are separated. Everyone took a family portrait, and then it was the fourth farewell today. Starting tomorrow, everyone will move to a new home and have their own new life. Claire and Phil also have to implement the RV travel plan that has been delayed for several years, and at the same time, they don’t forget to turn on the small lights on the porch to illuminate the way home for the family.


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