Warriors Within – 打天下

Warriors Within – 打天下
Country: Hong Kong
Genre(s): Drama, Martial Art , Crime , TV Series , HK Drama
Episodes: 20 Episodes
Broadcast: Viu

Release Date: 13 April 2020 – 08 May 2020
Director: Danny Ko (高 林 豹)

Cast: Stephen Au (欧 锦棠), Hedwig Tam, Anson Kong , Annie Man (Wen Songxian)

Twenty years ago, Takeda Kokukun saw that his father presented a scroll to his younger brother Gang Zheng. Guo Quan determined that the scroll contained a “secret technique of martial arts”. Later, he was just expelled from the gate of the division and even cut off from the karate world. One day, Xiao Yue, a new immigrant, was bullied, and Zhuang Hui, a quasi-Olympic karate player, shot, and Zhihao, a small boy who was dragged into the horse, was involved in it. Just passing by to stop the fight, unexpectedly, everyone went to the police station

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