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6 caution after we start investing in business

Whenever we start investing in business and feel that Our funds have decreased a lot, which has started to worry us. So, let’s see what we should be aware of at this point.

1. Control monthly expenses in each month
Be careful not to overpay the expense until having to encroach on the reserves. Because if we divide this part out and use it in the end, then the money will run out, so we should check often that the budget allocated each month is enough to actually spend or not. If not, there will be ways to reduce expenses Or how to increase revenue?

2. Reduce extravagant costs
From buying trivial things a little bit each day To large items at a high price. And most importantly, do not follow the flow of time when seeing companies that use brand names such as iMac, which if you buy is not wrong But must also consider the suitability of each job Should also be aware of social tax expenses Especially for various parties True that it is necessary. But we can choose to arrange as appropriate There is no need to arrange frequent frequencies every month.

3. Beware of additional debt without realizing
Especially the credit card debt is a good option, so swipe the credit card to use first and pay later. Currently, there is a 0% installment promotion on almost all products. But installment payments are still considered expenses and debt burdens to be paid in addition to regular expenses in the coming months, so don’t try to increase your burden. Keep in mind that don’t overpay. most

4. One-way income is definitely not enough.
Diligent in doing your work well Build stability for business. In order to create a guarantee for generating future income consistently. However, if there is an opportunity, do not forget to look for ways to find additional income, such as launching new products, expanding branches, opening subsidiaries To spread the risk too

5. Take care of health (Work-Life Balance),
exercise, maintain good health Because today, the cost of health is increasingly rising. Ideally, you should warn your employees to take care of their health too. Because if one of his subordinates suddenly comes ill May cause the business to enter the meat level, in addition to preventing the risk Avoiding the payment of medical bills to a certain extent Being healthy is also a guarantee that We will be able to work to make money for a long time.

6. Business risks that never choose time
Regularly check various results Including the situation Future business trends Know how to limit your investment risks and be careful not to make mistakes from investing in your personal money.

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