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Facts about soft drinks mixed with sugar That causes your weight to increase

Not long ago people stopped eating sugar from my diet throughout the week. Including artificial sweeteners as well Research shows that artificial sugars have the same disadvantages as real sugar, which is bad for our waist. Sugar-free beverages, but sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose, are both low in calories and without calories at all. Recent studies have found that they contribute to weight gain, but relationships are still complex and somewhat conflicting. 

The relationship between people who consumed carbonated soft drinks and body weight With those who do not consume, indicating that consumption is associated with a higher rate of obesity and other metabolic complications These results are derived from observational studies and may face bias known as logic. When compared to drinking regular soft drinks and other sugary drinks It appears that beverages containing artificial sugars appear to be better because soft drinks with artificial sugars are linked to reduced body weight compared to regular soft drinks. 

Although experts agree that there is little evidence and more research is needed (Which is currently in progress), but they cite a scientific explanation of the connection between soda mixed with artificial sugars and weight gain, and here are the 5 most promising.

1. Get used to the sweet taste
Artificial sweeteners are 200 times sweeter than normal sugars, so if you consume these drinks often, you may become accustomed to the sweetness that results in you consuming more sugar or general sweets and gaining weight. Follow

2. The brain will record that artificial sugar is real sugar.
Artificial sweeteners will stimulate sweeteners in the brain. Our bodies therefore believe that after consuming sweets, calories will follow. But if it is an artificial sweetener, calories will not follow. Therefore, your brain will be confused when consuming artificial sugars without calories. Some experts believe that the body needs those calories until it causes eating too much and eventually weight gain.

3. The body will try to deal with artificial sweeteners equivalent to real sugar.
Sugar consumption signals the body to produce insulin, even if it is artificial sugar. While some studies suggest that your body releases hormones to increase blood sugar levels. Excessive amount of insulin will cause insulin resistance. Weight gain And type 2 diabetes, but the evidence is still very little

4. Mixed sugar drink becomes an excuse to consume more calories from other sources
Some people say that choosing to consume artificial sugars will allow them to consume more cookies, which clearly contradict the effects. For those who drink calorie-free sodas, they will consume more calories and snacks. But the relationship between the cause and the actual result is still unclear

5. Calorie-free drinks may seem to help with weight management compared to normal sweetened beverages. But experts point out that artificial sugars can have negative effects in the long run.

These artificial sweeteners will have zero calories or only a few calories and can be consumed in place of regular soft drinks in the short term. But we don’t know how long-term artificial sweetener consumption will affect If you drink regular soft drinks on a regular basis, it is advisable to switch to calorie-free drinks to reduce your risk of weight gain and other things such as type 2 diabetes.However, refrain from drinking soft drinks and choosing to drink only Water, tea and coffee are the best options for your overall health.

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