The Ninth Wheel of Online Games


The protagonist is Ye Luo. The story of the novel mainly tells the story of a lover being forced to death, and he enters the sky with a terrible hatred. In the robbery game; I wanted to get the best career, but got the worst game attribute, which can be called a peerless waste; God rewards those who have aspirations, and he has finally reaped after all the hardships; The best career, joins hands with beautiful women and friends to fight against the devil, Fame rises; battle soul, martial soul, blood soul, magic soul, it depends on how he chooses! The enemy is now, let’s see how he can turn the tide! In the face of private enmity, let’s see how he treats love, family and friendship! Disturbing the world, let’s see how persistent he is!

The Ninth Wheel of Online Games
Associated Names: 网游之九转轮回
Mo Ruomengxi
Genres: online games
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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