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Cute wife breaks into his arms: the emperor must hug

Cute wife breaks into his arms: the emperor must hug
Other names: 萌妻闯入怀:帝少,要抱抱, 1v1 Big Pet Little Abuse
Author: Yan Luo
Genre:  Modern Romance
Release: Updating
Status: 520


He picked her back and raised her at home.
She behaved like a baby and entangled him, and her
sweetheart melted the cold glacier,
“I heard that you saved me?”
“Well, how can you repay me?”
” Why , With physicality…”
“Hey, hey, I didn’t say that now…” The president was quick to be ruthless and took a little woman on his shoulders. The fog of memory gradually dissipated, and past grievances surfaced.
It turned out that the fate between him and her has never been broken.


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