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Magical Candy House

She is the Night Witch, Lilith; she is the Demon Queen Bai Yan Xi; she is Dongfang Xiao. Her many identities confuse her, she is not sure who she is, what she is. But she knows, she owes them.

The gentle man who she loved most turned out to be part of Archangel Michael, and completely disappeared to save her, never to be found again. That great Demon Lord, Satan, who continuously calls her β€œmy wife,” made a deal with God and accepted a judgement in her place. The result was to be sent to the Darklands and endure the pain of burning forever.

Magical Candy House
Alternative name: ε₯‡ε¦™η³–ζžœ -屋 – ζ’¦δΈ‰η”Ÿ
romance, drama
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