Dark Fire Lingering

Huaijue’s and Xu Jiachi’s marriage was only for the two family business, and they had no feelings. Living under the same roof every day is like a stranger, not to mention that the two of them have been in disagreement since they were young. Huai Chiu feels Xu Jiachi is hypocritical, and Xu Jiachi feels conceited and artificial. One day after marriage, Xu Jiachi brought back a woman. The woman couldn’t eat spicy food, so she cooked a table of Sichuan food. Seeing the woman’s ugly face, she bit her lip, her eyes were red, choked with nonsense: “I’m sorry, the girl who came back with Jia Chi last time likes spicy food, I remembered it wrong… “She was crying and thinking, Xu Jiachi is a dog, I can’t get married, and I can’t answer you.

The woman was about to have a seizure as she wished – Xu Jiachi took the tweeted shoulders into her arms and wiped her tears distressedly: “Baby, don’t cry, my heart is broken by your crying.” “?” Wait a minute, you let go of my script, isn’t it like this? ps: Black lotus x smiling tiger, who is tempted first and who is the dog, couples walk together, first marriage and then love text, the male and female masters each other high, choking at the tenth level, the two will not deal with each other from the beginning, but they are tied After getting married, the heroine has always wanted to divorce but hits a home run. The heroes and heroines are not weak, you can see!

Dark Fire lingering
Alternative name: 暗火缠绵
肆十 (wantonly ten)
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