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He is not gentle

I love Xiao Tianwen first after marriage, age difference is 6 years old, so squeamish Bao Xiaogongju vs. Seeing tricks and dismantling high cold scheming master, master master looks at the younger sister of business marriage fiancée, and intends to achieve himself Marriage with sister. The 18-year-old sister who was put on the wedding ring ran to the UK to study in angrily. Among them, all kinds of avoiding the concern of the overlord, the prosperity of the past.

After graduating four years later (that is, the beginning), the male protagonist couldn’t help setting up a Tianluodi network to catch the hostess home, and finally began to live together after marriage. Divorced, the male protagonist has no bottom line except for divorce. His little wife has grown on the cusp of his heart, tender and soft, holding her in pain, and raising her as a little princess… Pet, don’t make trouble to coax, sweet and sweet to the end.

He is not gentle” Author: Wen Sheng
Alternative name: 他不温柔
Wen Sheng (闻笙)
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