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I always love you


The characters of the novel are very good, the male lead is affectionate and mature, and the female lead is independent, confident, cheerful and lovely. The heroine is a patient with Sussack syndrome and can only remember things before and for a short period of time. The man and woman are married in a family union, but they are actually in a crush on each other. The heroine was an equestrian athlete before, and her body was affected due to her illness, and she later became a screenwriter.

The male protagonist is a domineering rich second-generation president. When the female protagonist’s hearing is lost, the memory time is getting shorter and shorter, and the male lead is completely forgotten, the male lead constantly creates chance encounters and tells the female lead “I am Mo Yushen”. Later, he pretended that he was disabled (unable to speak), told the hostess that he was his husband, and made the hostess think that the host needed her very much, so he stayed with the hostess and took care of the hostess.

The male lead was afraid that the female lead would be too painful, so he asked the doctor to give the female lead melatonin. Even if he knew that this would cause the female lead to be infertile, he didn’t care or hesitate. This is a very loving novel. When the heroine was in the worst condition, everyone around him was kindly weaving a beautiful world for the heroine and silently guarding her. Fortunately, the hostess is strong and optimistic, and the family has financial support. Both parents and friends really love her and run around to find the right medicine for her. The final recovery of the hostess is really thanks to the joint efforts of these people. This one is really touching, I really love the hero!

I always love you
Alternative name: ζˆ‘δΈ€η›΄ιƒ½ηˆ±δ½ 
Meng Xiao two
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