Mai Luren

Bowen, a former financial talent, spends his entire day in a 24-hour fast food restaurant. There are many fellow travellers in the shop with Bowen, rewriting their lives. There are mothers who have been paying off debts for grandma and are in high debts with their daughters, uncles who dare not go home, young boys who just ran away from home, and singer-songwriter Azhen who temporarily lives in the sheltered dormitory, all headed by Abo. Everyone supports each other, hoping to help each other through the trough of life…

Mai Luren
Also known as: 麥路人
Genres: drama
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Huang Qingxun
Release Date: 2020
Starring: Aaron Kwok, Yeung Alex Man, Tat Ming, Pao Jing, Gu Dingxuan