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The bride Tang Men, women chaebol risk of marriage

This year, Xiao Xiao married Fu Hansheng, Chairman of Barda Group, each with their own concerns, under the guise of family reciprocity, secretly married. A contract to give birth to a child, getting along after two years of marriage, tied the merchant tycoon to him and her. At this time, Fu Hansheng was 31 years old and Xiao Xiao was 21 years old.

At the age of 10, Xiao Xiao guessed the ending before the marriage started, but neglected the process: this “cat and mouse” game is not controlled by her, nor is Fu Hansheng, but two hearts wandering on the edge of marriage . For Fu Hansheng, he and her are acquaintances; but for Xiao Xiao, she and him are strangers. ps: Xiao Xiao always believes that Fu Hansheng’s agreement with himself is more for Tang’s shares, but he never thought that his goal was always himself.

As for Fu Hansheng, he must win every gambling in his life, and he has never lost anyone, only emotionally losing to Xiao Muyu. Don’t be persuaded by the name, it’s really pretty! The female protagonist is cold and reticent, the male protagonist is gentle and affectionate, the author is super good, and the plot is abusive and sweet. highly recommended!

The bride Tang Men, women chaebol risk of marriage
Alternative name: 唐门新娘,女财阀的危险婚姻
Yun Tan (云檀)
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