Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 14 Recap

Hansen’s eyes widened as he heard it, and he didn’t want to become so indifferent in the future. Early in the morning, Yan Dong came with his men fiercely. Behind the Li Ping Pavilion is Yan Dong ’s support. Yan Dong heard that the Li Ping Pavilion has been experiencing frequent problems recently, so he hurried over to check.

Dong Yan went to peace and said something. He said that he will not fail Yan Dong’s expectations. Peace and Yan Dong discussed An’s problem. Yan Dong supported peace and An’s confrontation, but Peace believed that business should be valued by peace, saying that it would resolve the matter. Yan Dong is willing to believe in peace.

After, Heping went to see Qiaoman. Qiaoman showed the designed anti-counterfeiting logo to Heping. He thought that the design concept was in line with Li Pingge’s taste and greatly appreciated it. When Ali inspected the work with Yang Lan, he saw that peace and Joman were so casual, and immediately overturned the jar of vinegar. Peace held the electronic version of the anti-counterfeiting logo and let Ari look at it. Ah Li approved the work without any skin, and proposed to select the whole company. Qiaoman has worked hard for this logo for so long, and Heping feels that it is very unfair to Qiaoman.

Ari criticizes Joeman in the boss’s frame, and peacefully believes that she is in private in the communique. Ah Li accused Peace of being fascinated by Joe Man and lost his ability to judge, pointing out that the company-wide vote will be decided by then. Peace pointed out that Ali did not like Qiaoman, the whole company is obvious to all, who dares to defy. A Li proposed to invite Professor Su Shan to be a judge, but he was very unhappy to see the peace. With a letter of agreement and a cheque in his hand, Ali sternly sued An, blaming Qiaoman for his peace. Peace has promised An’s reluctance. A Li insisted on the selection logo. Peace is willing to believe Joman.

A Li came to the tea room and told Yang Lan to inform him, and the company carried out the selection. Yang Lan was a little worried about peace and disappointment. Ali pointed out that he wanted to be mad at peace and let the people in the company compare Joman to him. She also encouraged Yang Lan to participate in the competition. Yang Lan listened to the decision to work hard.

Peace could not convince Ali that he had to tell Joman. Qiaoman first came to the company to design the logo, but now he has to select the whole company, which is like a slap in the face. Qiaoman stopped listening. She knew that it must be Ali who secretly played a ghost and immediately left the company. He knew that Ali’s disobedient personality would not easily let Anshi go. I hope Qiaoman can remember the original intention of joining the company. Qiaoman remembered that he had invited himself to design the logo peacefully. Peace and euphemism advised Qiaoman to participate and convinced everyone with his strength. Qiaoman listened angrily and left.

Hansen brought a box of red wine and wine coupons to Liping Pavilion, in the name of Joeman’s fiance to show everyone. Qiaoman was so angry that he pulled Hansen away. The people in Liping Pavilion hadn’t awakened yet, and Ari called peace away. Peace poured a glass of water for Ali. Ali hopes to see the facts peacefully and not to be confused by Qiaoman again. Heping pointed out that Hansen was wishful thinking. Ali urged peace to see that only he is suitable for peace. Peace refused in person. Ah Li’s eyelashes were wet.

In the restaurant, Joeman sat down angrily. Hansen expressed his willingness to let more people know his relationship with Joeman, and Joeman immediately denied it. Hansen’s complexion changed. The atmosphere was heavy, and Hanson carefully expressed his intentions today. Joeman expressed his understanding but did not support it. Hansen guessed that Joeman must be worried about other people’s gossip. Qiaoman was angry when he heard that the lip of the donkey was wrong, and hoped that Hansen would stop going to the company. Hanson was very angry when he heard it, and left with anger. Qiaoman has always regarded Hansen as a relative, but now he has relentlessly drove away Hansen, and his heart is in pain and regret.

He Jianfeng took Qiao Fang to travel around the world. Qiao Fang didn’t expect that the first stop was actually the place where the two met. The fields are swaying in the sea of ​​flowers and the atmosphere is beautiful. He Jianfeng and Qiao Fang lamented that they walked around in a big circle, but still came together. Qiao Fang feels that the two have gone through so many detours before they understand how to cherish each other more. He Jianfeng has a deep experience. Just when the two enjoyed a good time, He Jianfeng collapsed.

He Jianfeng lived in the aggravated ward. Qiao Fang was anxious. The doctor informed her that her condition was endangered. Qiao Fang couldn’t help crying. Went home peacefully and found that Joe Man was waiting at the door. Qiaoman apologized for the peace today. Peace thought that Joeman secretly liked himself, and Joeman quickly cleared that peace would be lost. In order to compensate for peace, Joeman personally helped peace cooking.

An Kailun does not give advertising fees, the company can not publicize, and can not sell a bottle of red wine. The employees of the company could not live on a few monthly salary, so they resigned collectively. Hanson was mad with anger. Zhu Fan and Xiaozhi saw this and accused An Kailun of iron cock. Hansen vowed to make the red wine a success.

Qiaoman finally made a cottage version of egg fried rice for Heping, but Heping was difficult to swallow. Qiao Fang called Qiaoman at the hospital. Qiaoman hurried away. Qiaoman came to the hospital, looked at He Jianfeng through the glass, and learned about the situation from Qiao Fang. Qiao Fang cried and said that he would accompany He Jianfeng on his last journey. Qiaoman said he would support his sister and be a strong backing.

Ari went to find peace, but saw that Joe Man ran out of Heping’s house, and immediately overturned the vinegar jar. Ali went to the bar to get drunk and got drunk. Yang Lan did not move her, so she went to seek peace for help. Peace took Ali from the bar. On the way, Ali walked out of the car and vomited, accidentally saw Joman, she deliberately held peace intimately, and hugged him in a polite manner. Qiaoman turned away when he saw it.

Hansen went downstairs to Joman to deliver breakfast. Hansen talks about the company’s decadence scenario. Qiaoman couldn’t help but count down. Hanson was worried about how to sell red wine. Joeman came up with a strategy to sell his house and instructed Hanson. Hanson was very in favor of it and liked Joeman even more.

Peacefully sent Ali to go home, Ali was drunk. He worried that Ali had stayed on the sofa. Early in the morning, A-Li got up and saw the peace that was still asleep, and her heart was much brighter. When she woke up in peace, A-Li quickly cared. Peace hopes that Ali does not misunderstand her meaning, stays only worried about her safety, and refuses Ali’s feelings in person. After hearing her heartache, A-Li expressed her willingness to wait forever.

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