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Mom Has an Affair – 엄마가 바람났다

Mom Has an Affair – 엄마가 바람났다
Other name: 엄마가 바람났네, Mom Cheating, eommaga balamnassda, Mother Has a Fling, eommaga baramnassda, Mom is Cheating, My Mother is Having an Affair
Country: Korea
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Family
Release: May 4, 2020 – Oct 16, 2020 Runtime: Monday to Friday
Episode(s): 120
Broadcast: SBS
Director(s): Ko Heung Sik Writer(s): Ahn Seo Jung
Cast: Hyun Jyu Ni, Lee Jae Hwang, Kim Hyung Beom, Moon Bo Ryung

A romance family drama about a single mother who wants to marry a rich man for her children who want to have a father.

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