Black-bellied Daddy’s Cute Baby Part 2

Black-bellied Daddy’s Cute Baby Part 2
Other names: 腹黑爹地的萌宝神娃
Author: Asashima Drowning
Genre: romance, novel
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


……Story about Jing Xing (the third young master son of Jing Beichen) and Qi Mulin (the second young master son of Qi Shantain)


Chapter 988 Caesarean Section
Chapter 989 Jing Xing’s patience is exhausted!
Chapter 990 Wasn’t this the one who pestered the boss to call father during the day?
Chapter 991 Miss Etiquette
Chapter 992 I really have no illegitimate children
Chapter 993 Is She Really the Child’s Mommy?
Chapter 994 Successful Operation
Chapter 995 Strike up a conversation
Chapter 996 is not reliable
Chapter 997 He is Handsome
Chapter 998 is the best
Chapter 999 Resignation