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Review: Journey Game … Let the Journey begin!

Journey is worth repeating. What is more important between destinations Or experience along the way? What we have received, learned and felt during our journey has always made us understand new things. Journey is not just an adventure game. I felt as though I had learned some truth that arose from our departure in pure faith. On the way there are many tests that we have to overcome.

The J Ourney swept trough Valle problems already, including VGX Award (Best PS3 Game, 2012 ), BAFTA Games Award (Artistic Achievement, 2013) , and the J Ourney simulate a short trip just over an hour for us to try it. Suitable for people who want to experience traveling that is new and not too time consuming. The story and the game name let us know immediately when the game begins that we have to travel to a large mountain in front. We are like a monk with a veil in the middle of the desert. Without arms and only legs And then the journey to the sacred mountain began The ruins in the desert are the first clues that we see of civilizations that had flourished, but now there are only signs of civilization.

It seems as though we are following in some civilization, with our robes as a collector of energy from a small piece of paper resembling a talisman floating in the ruins. Allowing us to jump higher than before But there will be another type of item that increases the capacity of the cloak Allowing us to store more energy from the support, resulting in us jumping even higher! There are also many versions of the helper, allowing us to jump higher in order to pass each level. For example, a checkpoint that requires leaning in the form of a bridge for us to float across the valley But before we were able to use that bridge Must have the process of unlocking for us to search for some.

Character control is fluid and easy compared to games with complex controls. Everything is designed so we don’t have to focus too much on the force, so we can enjoy the most beautiful atmosphere I have ever played. Every scene and view is well-lit, making it sometimes feel like you’re watching a good Japanese cartoon. For example, a scene where we slide down a path beside a building with a sunset background. A picture that even though the ending is played, this image is still stuck in my memory.

Another interesting thing about Journey is that while you are traveling, other players who are playing with you Maybe someone in a foreign country Or maybe your neighbor Will be sent to join you to travel together in pairs, but you will not be able to communicate with that player at all There is not even a name, no dialogue, no introduction at all. Only the signal from both sides of the head to call each other only. It may sound strange and there is no reason to need another person to join us on our journey. But do you believe that all of the experiences and memories after getting a companion Instead, it was a very beautiful and memorable memory for me. The obstacles that we helped to overcome, including the beast, the wind, and the cold mountain Think about it. If you have to go alone, maybe we won’t be able to reach it.

Journey may not be suitable for those looking for exciting gameplay or a lot of skill, but for those looking for a game that gives you a good experience. There are new memories in unfamiliar lands. Journey is your number one choice. Priced at 480 baht with a file size of just 1.7 GB. No need to think much like buying a ticket to go on an adventure in the mysterious land. Buy it. What are you waiting for!

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