Review Qinbi Jiashi Seaview B & B

Qinbi Jiashi Seaview B & B: No. 51 Qinbi Village, Beigan Township, Lianjiang County, Tel: 08-3656669, Restaurant Hours: 11: 30 ~ 20: 00

This is a representative scenic spot in Beigan or even the entire Matsu. Many travelers are obsessed with its beautiful scenery with the mountains and the sea, and the changing seasons. However, when it comes to Qinbi accommodation, it is mostly bed and breakfast. Except for the snacks and Chinese food like old noodles, there doesn’t seem to be much change. Of course, as long as there is a Beigan people who lead the way, they can still live in a favorite bed and breakfast and satisfy the cuisine. This “Qinbi Jiashi Seaview B & B, Coffee”, which is a combination of homestay, coffee and food, is highly recommended in all aspects.

Matsu is composed of five islands and four townships. The wall of Beigan is known as the “Matsu Mediterranean”. In addition to the endless sea and its unique Mindong buildings, there is also a rich human history. For example, you may not Known as “Beigan Pangluan Cultural Festival”; “Beigan Pangluan Cultural Festival” is Taiwan’s 22nd important folk culture and the only one in Matsu.

Xiaohu had the honour to attend this event in Beigan around the Lantern Festival for two consecutive years. The place to stay is in Qinbi, the most charming spot in Beigan. Everyone who stayed at Qinbi Jiashi Seaview Homestay this year was very satisfied. In addition, the cafe has delicious muffins and pizzas. So I wrote a pen and wrote the “accommodation” that I don’t like to share so much … Qinbi Jiashi Seaview B & B is located not far from the entrance of Qinbi. It has an excellent 270-degree view of Qinbi Seaview. Seaview B & B is absolutely well-deserved, and you can enjoy the view of the entire Qinbi stone house building on one side.

There is a beautiful open-air cafe outside the bed and breakfast with sea view of Qinbi. Weather permitting breakfast is here to watch the sea, listen to the sea and enjoy it. However, the winter sea breeze in Mazu Beigan was very cold, and everyone sat outside for less than a minute and decided to move immediately indoors, even though there was actually a little bit of sun on that day …

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