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Facebook launches Messenger Rooms for meetings with 50 people

Facebook has launched Messenger Rooms, a new service that allows users to schedule meetings via video calls with up to 50 people at the same time, on the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic causing people to turn to work meetings. or meet up via Video Calls, and the highlight of this Messenger Rooms is that anyone can join even without a Facebook account and have unlimited meetings.

Messenger Rooms creators will be able to choose who they can join. and select the person you don’t want to join to leave the room. You can create rooms through various channels, whether on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or WhasApp, and share them for others to join. It will also be displayed on the News Feed for Facebook friends to see and join as well. In addition, participants do not need to download or install any additional apps. Attendees can join both on PC and mobile, but if using the Facebook Messenger app, AR Effects can be used. with

Messenger Rooms will soon begin rolling out to users in each country, but it’s not yet known which countries will get it first and when will people use it?

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