Lake Yamanakako, Japan

Lake Yamanakako is the largest lake among all 5 lakes around Mount Fuji. Located in Yamanashi Prefecture Japan. This lake is 982 meters high and has a depth of 13.5 meters. The origin of the eruption of Mount Fuji in the past. Causing the lava to spread out to block the original area which is a river.

Until it became a lake like today and during the 16th century, there was widespread pilgrimage in the area around Mount Fuji. Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Yamanakako It is also a place used for ritual cleansing of the pilgrims.

Since this lake is not far from Lake Kawaguchiko and a round-trip bus for the day Making it another popular place that tourists visit when traveling to Yamanashi prefecture. The uniqueness of Lake Yamanakako is that many white swans can be seen everywhere.

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