What is Cystitis?


It is an inflammation of the bladder that is usually caused by a bacterial infection in the urinary system (Urinary Tract Infection: UTI) causing abnormalities. Which mostly occurs with women more than men Because the female urethra is short And near the anus, which is a source of many pathogens The germs in the area therefore pass through the urethra of women more easily than men.

Causes of cystitis

The most common cause is a bacterial infection in the urinary system. Especially the Escherichia coli (E. coli), Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, enterotobacter ( Enterobacter), which these bacteria are abundant. At the area around the anus Can enter the body in many ways, such as having sex Cleaning after defecation is not correct. Using tampons or tampons Or urinary catheterization. In addition, this may be caused by reasons other than bacteria. But very rare, such as chronic cystitis, medication, hidden product use Radiation in the pelvis Or is a complication from other diseases

Risk factors for cystitis

  1. Prolonged urination Allow the germs in the urine to grow well
  2. Poor maintenance of the genital area Especially women If cleaning is not done properly, such as wiping clean from the back to the front Will make it more likely to get infected from the vagina and anus
  3. Gardening of the vagina with antibiotics Causing good bacteria to prevent pathogens from being eliminated Therefore resulting in easier infection
  4. Sexually transmitted infections
  5. Hormonal changes in female menopause When female hormones decrease The moisture around the vaginal mucosa and the lining of the urethra, which helps prevent infection as well.
  6. Diabetic patient If the disease is not well controlled, it is likely to become infected because the body has a low immunity.
  7. Patients must eat immunity. 8. Long-term urinary catheterization

Symptoms of cystitis

  • With symptoms of urinary incontinence (small increments of urine But often)  with symptoms similar to urination
  • Pain in the lower abdomen or pubis, burning pain, especially when urinating When urinating
  • Turbid urine sometimes has unusual odor In extreme cases, the blood may be mixed with urine. Often do not have a fever (except if having a nephritis concomitant with Patients will have high fever, chills, turbid urine. And lumbar pain) in young children may have wetting and may have fever, loss of appetite. Vomiting with

Taking care of yourself when you have cystitis

  1. Should drink about 6-8 glasses of clean water a day (when there are no diseases to limit water intake, such as heart failure). Drinking water will help expel germs and reduce burning sensation when urinating.
  2. Should urinate every time you feel pain. Not holding urine
  3. Avoid nutrients that irritate the bladder, such as coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, fruit juices with sugar.
  4. Always try to move the body. Should not sit and lie still for a long time
  5. Cleaning the genital area or after excretion (in women) requires cleaning. From the front to the back always To prevent contaminated through the urethra into the bladder of urine.
  6. In women, contraceptive methods should not be used with spermicides or cervical caps. Because it is the cause of irritation and injury to the tissues of the mouth, urinary tract and vulva. Resulting in an easier infection
  7. Do not use sprays or body deodorants on the genitals, as they may cause irritation to the tissues of the mouth, urine and vulva. Which increases the chance of injury and tissue infection
  8. Should shower from the shower Avoid bathing in the tub. As it may increase the chances of getting infected easily.
  9. Basic hygiene should be maintained (National Health Regulations) for good physical health. And reduce the chance of severe infection
  10. Patients should not buy medication to eat by themselves. Because it may lead to medication that does not match the type of the disease or the size and duration of the drug used incorrectly. Therefore may result in the disease not disappearing And may become a bladder Chronic inflammation caused by drug resistance

Women … almost all of us have a chance. Is cystitis Neither There are a few exceptions because Is an organ that drives waste from our bodies. And also other people like to have behavior .. !! Like urine more frequently, accumulating a long time, this thing is a golden opportunity as cystitis have this disease have lost not always, but often come back to repeatedly, often going as long as possible as long. If you don’t change Old behavior is abandoned.

Finally, complications will occur without knowing it. But the opposite Without care, prevention of infection may spread to the kidneys and cause renal infection. But if left unchecked for a long time, hilarious day … it will become a chronic disease after that .. Will cause chronic renal failure What followed next one is a disease than to treat it.

Bladder disease with acute inflammation …. Most likely from bacterial infections.

Contained in our feces, such as E. coli, most of which are 75-95% caused by E. coli. This type of bacteria is located around the anus. Occurs from “cleansing” after “defecation.” “Paid is not completely correct, the pathogen is contaminated. Passes into the urethra and into the bladder.

This one … When you look at the image that which part of the body .. because it’s an activity Every day in the morning, late afternoon, evening, everyone has to do it, especially in those “The urethra is short, small” and “near the anus” makes it possible to get infected easily and very quickly. Contaminated germs enter the bladder every time when defecation and urination . Felt some pain Because they are immune in Healthy body Will be able to remove E.coli every time you have urine so there will be no infection and reduce inflammation within the bladder.

In this regard, the author used to be .. and has the following behaviors as well: like urinating regularly when driving Traffic congestion is so tight , such as Bangkok and / or caused by traveling to other provinces with vans without toilets to enter. Afraid of using unclean public toilets in front of floods that do not dare to go to the toilet Afraid of poisonous animals, sleep at night, lazy to get to the bathroom, sit and talk to enjoy until forgetting to go to the bathroom, drinking less water while working, meeting, holding urine for a long time, very often …

Well, this time is the golden opportunity of germs. That will enter our bladder already … If left for a time Long enough to divide the growth and propagation Cause inflammation Inside bladder The initial symptoms are a symptom Can happen But most are deliberate or lazy. Do not be rumored that … When going to the doctor or buy medicine at the pharmacist provided … What is returned home is antibiotics. Doctors will give more or less medication depending on the symptoms that are due to this. Cystitis treatment Can be healed in 2-3 weeks but often found in Women who are not careful with washing the anus and like holding urine for a long time.

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