Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 42 Plot (Recap)

Xu Zhensheng was suspected of plagiarism. In order to save his younger brother, A Li would not hesitate to convince Luo Chen, hoping that Luo Chen would not spread the story of Xu Zhensheng stealing merits. Luo Chen didn’t want to pursue it, and simply agreed. A Li also said that Luo Chen and Nansheng were the best match, and he was willing to persuade Lin Heping to leave Nansheng on his behalf. The two were the ones they liked, and they hit it off.

Lin Heping rode A Li to the factory to work. He happened to meet Luo Chen. Chief Ma invited Luo Chen to design the drawings. A Li knew that Lin Heping was unwilling to cooperate with Luo Chen, but he also hoped that Lin Heping could think about the overall situation, so he enlightened him face to face. Just when A Li peeled off the oranges and wanted to feed them to Lin Heping, Nan Sheng suddenly passed by, feeling well, then turned and left.

After returning home, Mother Lin not only asked Nansheng to leave Lin Heping because she discovered the secrets of Lin Heping and Nansheng, but she even became furious at Lin Heping. Lin Heping believed that he was not related to Nansheng, and Lin’s mother had not successfully married Nansheng’s father, so the two of them could have the right to pursue happiness.

Although Lin’s mother hindered her in every possible way, she did not hinder the relationship between Lin Heping and Nansheng. Lin Heping sneaked into the school to set up lanterns and wind chimes to send a message. Nan Sheng was pleasantly surprised, especially when Lin Heping took out the other side necklace, she decided to go hand in hand with Lin Heping. No matter how hard the future is, no one can separate them.

After that, apart from attending classes at school, Nan Sheng spent the rest of her time doing internships at the TV station. When she learned that Lin Ping used the money she earned from her part-time job to buy a new mobile phone for herself, she was moved and distressed. Lin Heping understands Lin Heping’s stubborn character, so she wants to move out. However, Nan Sheng believes that there is no need to fight between mother and child, so she personally bought bird’s nest supplements, and then went home with Lin Heping, hoping to persuade her. Mother Lin saw through her intentions and ordered the two to break up on the spot. Lin Heping couldn’t help colliding again and left home immediately. Nan Sheng chased it out and proposed to separate temporarily, but Lin Heping couldn’t hide his feelings for Nan Sheng, and agreed to support each other with her and grow old together.

It was precisely because of this beautiful promise that Lin Heping’s thoughts were gradually pulled back to reality. He and Nan Sheng went through various things, but in the end they still couldn’t keep their vows, so it disappeared. Li Pingge saw that he was in a financial crisis. Although Mo Hui found the person who bought the painting, his identity was mysterious and he asked to meet Lin Heping beforehand. Lin Heping learned that the creditor had come to force the debt again, so he asked Mo Hui to help him temporarily delay the time.

Luo Chen and Xiaoxi went to Jin Ke to discuss copyright. Jin Ke has already signed an investment intent and must not terminate the shooting, otherwise he will have to pay a huge amount of liquidated damages. Luo Chen took out Qiaoman’s authorization to this agreement, but Jin Ke dismissed it and did not pay attention to it. Luo Chen became furious and claimed that he would take Jin Ke to court.

Qiao Man and Hansen were going to register their marriage, but when it was critical, they suddenly received a call from Jin Ke’s assistant Ding Miaomiao. Ding Miaomiao sternly questioned on the phone, and even asked Qiao Man to come over immediately to explain the situation. Qiaoman was hesitant, and immediately rushed over to explain that Jin Ke was reasonable and hoped that Qiaoman could handle the copyright issue well, otherwise it would be difficult to end later.

Hansen waited at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau. It was a long time since he saw Qiaoman. Qiaoman was eager to find Ben, and had no intention of getting married. While explaining the situation to Hansen on the phone, she found Ben, who had been missing for a long time, on the side of the road. It happened that a truck came rushing, although Qiaoman was lucky enough to escape, but the scene of Nan Jianming’s car accident suddenly appeared in his mind, and he collapsed on the ground. Ben heard the sound and ran to Qiao Man, and saw that she was unconscious at this time, and Hansen on the other side of the phone noticed the abnormality and was extremely anxious.

A Li told Lin Heping about the merger of Yipin Culture and Li Pingge. After Lin Heping attended the company’s high-level meeting, it was difficult to understand why Yan Dong valued the company’s listing so much. Lin Heping was already in anger, and A Li added fuel to the fire and expressed his concern, even willing to support Lin Heping’s use of the Bian Lighthouse as the theme of the next season’s exhibition. Lin Heping believed that the company’s prospects were unknown and the exhibition might be difficult to achieve. He left in a depressed mood, but when he was about to go out, he heard Yanglan and A Li discussing about Hansen’s marriage.