President Lucifer, Please Don’t Love Me

President Lucifer, Please Don’t Love Me
Other names:  撒旦总裁, 别爱我 , President Satan, don’t love me, Sādàn zǒngcái, bié ài wǒ
Author: 唯爱阳光 Wei Ai Yang Guang (HE)
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


That night, Qiao Yuchen, the head of the Qiao family aloft, put her on the sofa. “An Ran, you don’t know that marriage means that both men and women have to fulfill their obligations.” “Our marriage is just a contract.”

“The contract also means lawfulness. Enron, you can’t escape.” Enron is rumored. ‘Bite back’ the’vicious adopted daughter’ of Anjia. In this life, she regretted only three things. First, on the night of her mother’s death, she begged the wrong person, and she lost her body for four years…