Ugly Concubine

“Dear Yiqi Jun” and “Ugly Concubine Arrival” mainly tells the story of the saint Miqiqi (played by Hu Yixuan) of the witch tribe, who will live in the human race by chance and become involved in the king of Yiqi Lv Ao (played by Zhang Sifan) fights for the harem, and finally the two together quell the chaos of the three clans and return the story of peace to the people.

“Dear Yiqi Jun” is a super costume fantasy drama directed by Shen Jinfei and starring Zhang Sifan, Hu Yixuan, Li Geyang and Wen Bixia. It tells the moving story of Wu Yuan’s saint Mi Qiqi, who transformed into Princess Yiqi by accident, and guarded the peace of the world hand in hand with King Lv Ao of Yiqi. The two knew each other and fell in love with each other. A total of 36 episodes.

Dear Yi Qijun
Also known as: Ugly Concubine, 親愛的義祁君, My Dear Destiny
Country: China
Episodes: 36
Genres: Love, Ancient Costume
Director: Shen Jinfei
Air Date: May 18, 2020 (Every 4 episodes will be updated on Wednesday at 20:00)
Starring: Zhang Sifan, Hu Yixuan, Li Geyang, Wen Bixia, Wang Qian