Heroes in the Battle of Liaoshen

  1. The blasting hero-Liang Shiying

On November 13, 1922, Liang Shiying was born in a poor family in Liangjiawoputun, a suburb of Sanchahe Town, Jilin Province. In September 1948, the battle of Liaoshen, which shocked China and foreign countries, started, and Liang Shiying’s troops were ordered to attack Jinzhou.

At the pre-war mobilization meeting, Liang Shiying expressed determination on behalf of the entire platoon. On the fast marching road. He also helped sick comrades carry guns and carried rice bags for others. When the troops were camping, he refused to rest and helped the cooking squad to boil water and cook. Then, he assisted the hygienist to wash the feet of the comrades who were foaming their feet, and moved them to tears.

On October 10, 1948, Liang Shiying was transferred to the second platoon and fifth shift of the eighth company as the combat team leader. After Liang Shiying came to the Eighth Company, he heard about the pre-war mobilization of the leader to attack Jinzhou and knew that the breakthrough was in a prominent part on the right side of the northwestern outer side of Jinzhou. He and several comrades in the company went to the regiment headquarters to request the task of sharp swords. The head’s approval.

Going back to the company, everyone is happy for their company to be able to take on the task of sharp knives. Liang Shiying expressed his determination on behalf of the entire platoon at the All-in-one Oath. And challenged a row.

After the Master XI conference, the entire company began training. Liang Shiying was assigned to the blasting team. He and his comrades used the night to practice blasting techniques. They came up with many ways to use flower poles as blasting tubes and sacks wrapped in sand. Explosive bag, practice throwing with wood grenade. Although they only had a few days’ work, they’ve been able to practice blasting skills very well.

On October 13, 1948, the general offensive was ready. Liang Shiying and his comrades embarked on the journey. On the morning of the 14th, the troops arrived at Dongwangjiatun, the assembly area. At 8:10, the soldiers began to advance towards the assault target. At 10 o’clock, the general attack on Jinzhou City began.

Under the leadership of the platoon leader, the battlefields are like tigers, breaking through enemy lines of defense. Another line of defense for the enemy. When the sharp knife platoon reached the breach, the enemy launched a counterattack against our army with the strength of a company. Seeing the enemy rushing up, Liang Shiying leaped up and threw the blasting tube at the enemy group, blowing up more than a dozen enemies at once, and the rest immediately fled back in fright. The sharp knife platoon took the opportunity to rush to the roadbed and supplemented itself with enemy bullets.

At this time, two tongues of fire suddenly sprang from the dark fort on the roadbed, blocking the way forward. The platoon leader led the soldiers to rush several times, but they were all crushed back by the enemy’s bullets.

At this time, the horn of the general attack was sounded, and the large forces were about to rush over, not to get rid of the hidden fort. It will delay the total attack time and cause greater casualties. How to do? Only blow it up. Under the command of the platoon leader, several groups of blasting fighters rushed up, but they were unsuccessful. Liang Shiying climbed in front of the company commander’s eyes and firmly asked for a fight.

Under the cover of the machine gun, Liang Shiying rushed up; under the eyes of his comrades, Liang Shiying jumped up from time to time and sometimes concealed; under the enemy’s tongue, Liang Shiying leaped to the bunker. He quickly removed the fuse cap of the blasting tube and inserted the blasting tube into the enemy’s gunhole. The enemy pushed out again, and Liang Shiying decisively sent the blasting tube in again. He sent in hope, hatred, and victory, and blocked it tightly with his hands, standing like a giant standing upright.

In front of the enemy fort. The head of the company was anxious, and his comrades were anxious and shouted: “Liang Shiying, retreat quickly!” He did not withdraw. He gave his young life to the people and to the victorious young Liang Shiying in his short life. A magnificent triumph of the people’s heroes.

Second, bloodshed in the ancient city for liberation-Ma Yunfei

People living in Jinzhou are familiar with Yunfei Street. In that year, the CPC Liaoxi Provincial Committee, to commemorate the famous martyr Ma Yunfei who died in the Battle of Liaoshen, changed Jiaoren Road in front of the Martyrs Cemetery of the Battle of Liaoshen to Yunfei Street.

Ma Yunfei, formerly known as Ye Zonghan, is a native of Jiaohe County, Hebei Province. Due to the destruction of the underground party organization in Jiaohe County, Ma Yunfei moved to Jinzhou and lost contact with the organization. However, Ma Yunfei always firmly believed in the revolution. After secretly contacting many parties, after 11 years of losing contact, he finally returned to the embrace of the organization.

In August 1945, the Jinzhou Underground Party Branch of the Communist Party of China was established with Ma Yunfei as its secretary. He led the underground Party members to carry out the labor movement and recruit new Party members in the struggle. Soon, the number of Party members grew from a few to dozens.

On October 14, 1948, the Jinzhou battle was officially launched. Before dawn, Ma Yunfei came to the headquarters of the third column in the north of the city and took the initiative to ask Ying to lead the troops. He said: “I am familiar with the terrain of Jinzhou. I have drawn the enemy’s city defense map. I know where the enemy’s firepower is located.” So he braved the bullets and led the third column assault battalion through the alley, bypassing the firepower, cleverly. To avoid the confinement zone.

When the troops marched to the headquarters of the 93rd Nationalist Army of Jiaotong University, the last line of defense of the Tiebei garrison, a string of bullets flew over. Ma Yunfei was unfortunately shot and fell into a pool of blood. At this time, the firepower of the Kuomintang army was even more fierce. Seeing the soldiers around him fell one by one, Ma Yunfei was anxious. He gritted his teeth, endured the severe pain, crawled with difficulty, exhausted his last strength, and indicated the way forward.

After 31 hours of fierce fighting, Jinzhou City was liberated. But Ma Yunfei lay forever on the land where he was fighting and never woke up again. He was 38 years old that year. To commemorate him, the CPC Liaoxi Provincial Party Committee changed Jiaoren Road in front of the Martyrs Cemetery of the Liaoshen Campaign to Yunfei Street.

“I am willing to sprinkle Liaoxi with blood in exchange for the liberation of Jinzhou”, this is Ma Yunfei’s oath. From the raging battle of Liaoshen to today, 70 years later, this oath took root in the land of Jinzhou.