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Heavy fire on the moon Episode 11-15

Episode 11
Mu Yuan found Yueshanggu and was very pleased to see Chongxuezhi. He was also angry at Shangguantuo’s temptation to test himself, and almost had a dispute with Shangguantuo. Under Lin Changran’s mediation, everyone reached a consensus and could not reveal the information that Chong Xuezhi was still alive. Mu Yuan told Chong Xuezhi that he had no choice but to act as the master of the palace. When he returned to Chonghuo, Chong Xuezhi was the only one. Chong Xuezhi also made up her mind that she must find the murderer who stole “Lian Shen Nine Forms”. The contradiction subsided, Lin Changran stood alone on the boat, soothing the hearts of everyone in the valley with music. Chong Xuezhi remembered that this was the music played by his father when he was a kid. Shangguan Tou still felt guilty and guilty for hurting Xuezhi’s heart. He apologized to Mu Yuan and the two reached an agreement.

Episode 12
Shangguan was very sad, and still had to focus on Xuezhi. The next day, the weapons spectrum conference began. Hong Sheng confessed the truth in front of everyone. It turned out that he had coveted “lotus wings”. At that time he joined the Palace of Heavy Fire to learn the unique mentality of the Palace of Heavy Fire. After taking advantage of Xia Qingmei’s negligence at the Heroes’ Meeting, he stole “Lian Shen Nine Forms” and practiced secretly. But he knew he was discovered by Wang Yinya, and then he went to Xiangzhou to kill Wang Yinya and planted it in Chonghuo Palace. The truth is clear, and everyone discusses how to deal with the bell-crashing monk. Huashan Paifeng City coveted the “Nine Forms of Lotus God”, hoping to keep the bell monk a life. However, Mu Yuan said that he would take the bell-monk to the Heavy Fire Palace for disposal. Just as everyone was arguing, Chong Xuezhi appeared. Chong Xuezhi knew that everything was due to the “lotus wings” and burned the “Furong Heart Sutra” in front of everyone. Chong Xuezhi’s move angered Fengcheng and others, Fengcheng one-palm injured Chong Xuezhi.

Episode 13
At night, Chong Xuezhi found Mu Yuan and wanted to give Mu Yuan the place of the palace master. But Mu Yuan rejected her, because he promised to help Chong Xuezhi. Mu Yuan’s determination allows Chong Xuezhi to see Mu Yuan’s loyalty and realizes that he must become stronger to live up to Mu Yuan. Elder Yuwen gave up the idea of ​​revenge for his son. Shangguantou came to the Emei School and saw Master Bai Yun too. He learned that Master Bai Yun was too his own aunt and also learned that her biological mother was called Bai Lu. Many years ago, the married woman Shangguan Xingzhou fell in love with Bailu, but failed to protect Bailu, leading to her death. Bai Lu gave birth and died after Shangguan transparent, Shangguan Xingzhou took Shangguan transparent home. However, Shangguan Tou who lived in Guoshifu also failed to live a reunion with his father. The father worried that the adoptive mother would hurt Shangguan Tou and sent the young Shangguan To Lingjian Mountain Village to learn Wu. Since then, the relationship between Guantuo and his father has become increasingly distant.

Episode 14
At the end of the conversation between father and son, Shangguan Xingzhou surrendered the only relic left by Shangguan Tousheng’s mother, a pair of tiger-toed shoes. Shangguan Zheng learned of Shangguan Tou and his father, and hurried to persuade Shang Guantu to forgive his father, but Shang Guantu was too deeply obsessed with his sister’s advice. Chongxuezhi began to retreat. Mu Yuan and three guardians came to see Chongxuezhi’s last side, hoping she would practice well. While living alone, Chongxuezhi painstakingly practiced “Lianyi”. The life of Chonghuo Palace is under the care of Mu Yuan and the three protectors as always. Xia Qingmei rescued Hong Sheng because he wanted to learn the “nine types of lotus gods.” Hong Sheng saw his shadow on Xia Qingmei’s body and decided to teach him the “nine types of lotus gods.”

Episode 15
Chongxuezhi took cinnabar glass to go out for investigation, and met the witch doctor’s torture to burn the cold and hot patients. Chongxuezhi persuaded the people not to listen to witchcraft. Afterwards, Chong Xuezhi came to Anping County and saw that the street was very peaceful, not like the epidemic of the epidemic. At this time, Shangguan Tou also arrived in Anping County, investigating the news of cold and fever. Shangguantou and Chongxuezhi saw a lantern, and they remembered the experience of the two. But the two were unable to meet each other. However, the two then met in a hospital full of patients. A year later, they met again. At first, the two did not speak much, nor were they too busy narrating the old. The two learned from the patient’s mouth that the disease had originated in Qingxi Village, and Chong Xuezhi ordered cinnabar and Liuli to investigate.

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