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Heavy fire on the moon Episode 6-10

Episode 6
Shangguan Tou, Chong Xuezhi and others left and met Xue Lie and Shangguan Zheng. Xue Lie invited Shangguan Tou and Chong Xuezhi to help them rescue the famine. Chong Xuezhi readily agreed. Xue Lie arrived at the scene personally and was rescued by Chong Xuezhi when in distress. Xue Lie was very grateful to Chong Xuezhi. After returning to Lu Wang Mansion, he wanted to reward Chong Xuezhi with heavy gold, but Chong Xuezhi did not accept it. However, Shangguan Tou discovered that Xue Xuezhi was injured and was very worried. The craftsmen of Chonghuo Palace completed the order, and Elder Yuwen ordered Mu Yuan to send him to Duwei Mansion. Elder Yuwen received news from Haitang that the secrets were destroyed and everything was proceeding according to his plan, but he was still a little bit reluctant. In Xiangzhou, Shangguan Tou and Chong Xuezhi worked together to help the victims, and the relationship between the two became more stable. Their kindness was also appreciated by Xue Li, King Lu. After Chongxuezhi returned to the inn, Shangguanto bandaged his wounds, and Chongxuezhi took the opportunity to test whether Shangguantu was romantic.

Episode 7
Liuli and Cuckoo found Shangguan Tou and told Chong Xuezhi’s encounter. Shang Guantu immediately got up to find Chong Xuezhi. Begonia returned to the palace to report on Xue Xuezhi’s experience and told Elder Yuwen that “Lian Shen Nine Forms” had been burned. Mu Yuan returned to the palace with tears in his body, heartbroken. In fact, the female corpse was not Chongxuezhi. When Chongxuezhi woke up, he found himself in a log cabin. Only then did he learn that he had been rescued after falling off the cliff. Shangguan through an investigation to find Chong Xuezhi, and heard about Uncle Wei’s office, Uncle Wei did not answer to protect Chong Xuezhi, but Shang Guantu was suspicious. Mu Yuan suspected Begonia and came to confront her. Begonia denied that he was a traitor. Begonia returned to the room to recall the bit by bit with Mu Yuan and he was forced to take orders from Elder Yuwen. He burst into tears and finally planned to leave alone. But Elder Yuwen was worried that Begonia would betray herself, and secretly killed her, leaving a forged “sacrifice” full of confession.

Episode 8
When the life and death of Chongxuezhi was at stake, Shangguan appeared through the air and rescued Chongxuezhi. After all, Chong Xuezhi apologized to the two and returned to Chonghuo Palace under the protection of Shangguan. In the Palace of Heavy Fire, Yu Wen Mu Yuan has completed the succession ceremony, but he resolutely decided that the first thing he took office was to find the traitor and avenge Chong Xuezhi. However, Mu Yuan has been sad about Chong Xuezhi’s death. Elder Yu Wen advised him not to be depressed, hoping that he could lead Chonghuo Palace out of the predicament. The various schools received news that Chong Xuezhi was dying and Mu Yuan succeeded. Lingjian Villa sent Xia Qingmei to condolence.

Episode 9
The next day, Qiu Hongxiu, who noticed the relationship between Shangguantuo and Chongxuezhi, reminded Shangguantuo: if you have love for Chongxuezhi, don’t hide it, and if you don’t have the love, don’t let Chongxuezhi feel good about him. Before leaving, Qiu Hongxiu told Chong Xuezhi that Shangguan Tou would not be open to anyone, reminding her not to rush to confess. Shangguan took Chong Xuezhi on a boat to the secret Moon Valley, and solved the mystery: his life and internal strength were all given by a senior. Chong Xuezhi guessed that the senior was the one who let Shangguan pass to protect himself. . When Xuezhi saw this senior, he realized that he was his second father Lin Changran. It turned out that Lin Changran was Chongye’s best friend. When Chongye committed suicide, Lin Changran was sad and left the Chonghuo Palace. The two recalled the past, which was both touching and joyful.

Episode 10
Chongxuezhi made soup for Shangguantou and wanted to take care of him in his own way, but it was self-defeating. Chongxuezhi was quite curious about the acquaintance of Shangguantuo and Lin Changran. Shangguantuo told her: A few years ago, he was poisoned and assassinated by Lin Changran. Poison King Dan. Shangguan took this opportunity to let Chong Xuezhi also eat poison Wang Dan. Chong Xuezhi suddenly vomited blood. It turned out that Chongxuezhi suffered an internal injury when she fell off the cliff, and Yaowang gave Chongxuezhi medicine. Under the careful care of Shangguantou, Chongxuezhi’s internal injuries soon healed. Chong Xuezhi felt that the time had come, and was ready to reveal his voice to Shangguan. In order to please Chongxuezhi, Shangguantou released all the animals that Yaowang experimented with. Yaowang had no animals to do experiments, so Shangguanto personally tried the prescription for him.

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