Saffron Thistle and Benefits

Saffron Thistle and Benefits

Scientific name: Carthamus tinctorius L.

Common names: Safflower, False Saffron, Saffron Thistle.

Botanical characteristics: herbaceous plant, height 40-130 cm. The stems are extremely branching, single leaves alternate, ovate, lanceolate or oblong, 1-5 cm wide, 3-12 cm serrated edges, serrated. The tip is a spiky, bushy at the top. There are many small flowers. When new The petals are yellow and then turn red. The ornamental leaves are hard, thorns supporting the inflorescences. The fruit is dry, not broken. The seed is a small white triangle.

Properties: Flowers or petals remaining at the fruit

  • sweet taste, nourishing blood-Solving lymphatic damage The burning sensation on the skin.
  • Nourish the blood, nourish the heart, nourish the nerves, menstruation, cure the disability.
  • Skin diseases, blood purification
  • reduce fat in the blood vessels Prevent clogging


  • nourishing the menstrual blood of women


  • is an expectorant Dermatitis. Apply to solve swelling.
  • Drive menstrual blood.
  • Pounding the head mask. Resolving uterine pain after giving birth

Seed oil

  • Apply to cure paralysis and conflict with various

Old flower

  • used to decorate the food color that you want to be yellow.
คำฝอย ดอกคำ

According to Thai medicine texts: flower, menstruation, nourish the nerves, nourish the heart, nourish the blood, cure the hemorrhage, cure the deformed, sweaty, soothe the nerves in children, cure jaundice, fix arthritis, cure runny nose, cure hysteria, treat swelling Heal the stomach as an ascetic Used as a laxative Treatment of postpartum fever Analgesic in women who have irregular menstruation.

It is a home remedy. Treatment of illness in children Nourishing the paralyzed Dok Mai is a hot brew used to cure jaundice. Rheumatoid arthritis Have a cold, runny nose Boil when showering for measles. Treat itching on the skin, pollen, nourish blood, menstruation, nourish the heart, nourish the nerves, nourish the blood and lymph to normal, cure good disability, cure the burning skin

Folk medicine texts of many countries: said that because of red safflower Therefore has healing properties related to blood, such as menstruation, sweating by making a brew Blood laxative

Chemical Found

  1. Flowers found: Carthamin, sapogenin, Carthamone, safflomin A, sfflor yellow, safrole yellow.
  2. The seeds are oils that contain unsaturated fatty acids.


  • Safflower seed oil contains a lot of substances in safflower. Found to cure inflammation Has the ability to kill some germs
  • In China, safflower is a medicine for women. The drug used to treat women with abnormal menstruation. Or pain, swelling, and bruises often use safflower as well By boiling water in the liquor Or using the pounding method But with caution, pregnant women must not eat
  • Use safflower to brew hot water. The filter will get yellow-orange water (safflower yellow). Used to decorate the food color to be yellow.

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