Reincarnation Paradise

Reincarnation Paradise
Other names: 輪迴樂園
Author:  That Mosquito
Genre: Novel, Sci-Fi Future
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Su Xiao signs a contract with Reincarnation Paradise to perform tasks in various animation worlds. In the Ghoul world, Su Xiao chased and killed the one-eyed owl · Takatsuki in more than a dozen blocks with a sharp blade. On the top of the battlefield, Su Xiao stood on the corpse pile of the navy, looking at the ugly-faced Warring States Period on the execution platform, and Ace, who was already staring at him dumbfounded. All the contractors: “Are you on the hook? You are not a contractor at all, you are definitely a hidden character in the original book!” Su Xiao is certainly not an ordinary contractor, he is a hunter…