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The Murderer Was Scared to Death by Me

The Murderer Was Scared to Death by Me (Novel)
Other Name: 凶手都被我吓死了
Genre: novel, romance
Author: Ruyu
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Yang Jinselin Baiyan, who was originally a queen dowager with one person under ten thousand, was killed by her niece. Unexpectedly, the soul is through things, the mind is still his own, but the body has become another woman. Relive a lifetime, and see how she solves the most difficult mysteries and solves the most outstanding cases…

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Guqin robs the soul?

When I heard this name, the duck in my mouth suddenly changed its flavor.

Although there are many similarities between the two murders.

But the most weird thing is the appearance of Longji Guqin.

Plus Lin Baiyan’s hint…

I plan to investigate the source and history of Guqin tomorrow.

Unexpectedly, the storyteller on the stage brought the story to his eyes.

“Guqin takes the soul?”

Aruo wiped his mouth and looked at the stage enthusiastically, “This name is so grim, I like it!”

I gave him a blank look.

When I was on Sakurako Island, I couldn’t sleep after listening to horror stories, and the young man who ran outside my door in the middle of the night smashed the door, it seemed that it was not you.

Just thinking about it, Mr. Storyteller has opened the story mode.

“In other words, there was an emperor hundreds of years ago whose only hobby was food.

One day, he heard that Bashu hot pot, mutton was fresh and tender, and the sauce was spicy, which made people linger, and he was eager to try it.

After tossing and turning all night, he decided to visit Bashu privately-to taste the sufferings of the people and Bashu hot pot.

Ever since, he changed his name to Zhao Zou, took two eunuchs, and went on a walk-and-go trip.

After arriving at the destination, he happily went straight to the Chuanxiang Hotpot House, the hottest local hot pot restaurant, and ordered his buddies to “I have one on the menu.”

Bashu hot pot is well-known, spicy and delicious.

On the stage of the restaurant, there is a piano master playing the piano, and the music is clear and long.

Zhao Zuo ate well, but only found out when he checked out that his wallet had been stolen!

The restaurant recognizes money but does not recognize people, and when he sees him refusing to pay, he calls people without saying anything.

More than a dozen big men surrounded him round and round.

Zhao Zou has been pampered since he was a child, and has never been wronged.

Even quarrels can only be a word-“cut”.

He couldn’t even dream that he would be beaten by the crowd because of a meal.

Seeing the fist raised, a woman in white stood in front of her, “This young man is not like a gangster, I will pay his bill.”

Zhao Zuo petrochemical on the spot.

For so many years, the harem beauties are three thousand, and he pays for the expenses. No one has ever asked him to eat half a bun…

Now he is in a disaster, but he was rescued by a woman.

The way she took out the money, the way she looked when she paid, was like a goddess descending to the earth, handsome, rusty and beautiful…

This tall and stalwart image is deeply imprinted in His Majesty’s mind, and it makes him want more than Bashu hot pot.

So he inquired about the news and launched a fierce courtship offensive.

The woman in white, whose name is Long Yishi, is the luthier of Songfang in the city.

At the age of seventeen, unmarried.

Hobbies: Guqin, poetry, wine.

Under the guidance of the chief eunuch, Zhao Zou used his hobbies as the starting point, drinking and talking with Long Yishi, listening to the guqin, and successfully won the hearts of women.

On the day of her birthday, Zhao Zou gave it a famous piano.

Since then, Qin Se and Ming, good things have become a double, reluctant to think of Shu, oh no, reluctant to think of Beijing.

But he is the emperor after all, and the people all over the country need him.

While he was enjoying the spring in Bashu, the capital came to report that the border war was chaotic.

Taking into account the borders where the people don’t have a livelihood, bringing a woman back to Beijing at this time is easy to fall into the official conversation.

Considering that he told Long Yishi that he was still single, he returned to Beijing and saw three thousand beauties in the harem, causing a murder.

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